In The News 11-22-10

Here are some of the news stories on the radar screen that you may want to be aware of…

Voice of OC Receives California Endowment Grant (VOC): Voice of OC has received a substantial grant from the California Endowment that will help us fund a beat dedicated to community health reporting. The grant is part of the Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities initiative, a 10-year plan to create “communities where kids and youth are healthy, safe and ready to learn.” Read More

Costa Mesa police chief, captain placed on leave (OCR):  Costa Mesa Police Chief Chris Shawkey and Capt. Ron Smith were placed on administrative leave Thursday, but city officials aren’t talking about why. Costa Mesa police officers told The Watchdog that Shawkey and Smith were seldom at the department’s Fair Drive headquarters over the last year.  Shawkey  spends a lot of time in Arizona, according to these sources.  Smith, who was disappointed when he failed to get the chief’s job in 2006,  teaches law enforcement at Golden West College. Read More

Nelson Pushes Lobby Reform II (VOC): Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson has introduced his own version of lobby reform on this week’s Board of Supervisors agenda. Read More. Here is the link to the proposal introduced by both Supervisor Nelson and Supervisor Bates..

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  1. Dale Wayne
    November 22, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Why is our press so enfeebled that we don’t know WHY the Costa Mesa chief of police was placed on leave? This would appear to be a major story.

    Are Woodward and Bernstein dead?

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