Clean Tech Sector Boosts OC’s Economy

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, a co-chair for CleanTechOC, poses with Dan Chmielewski at the CleanTechOC 2010 Conference and Expo in Irvine last September. Photo courtesy of Lou Delgado (c) 2010, Lou Delgado

The clean/green technology sector is a rising star in Orange County economic engine with new companies expanding here that are creating good high paying jobs.  This story in this morning’s Los Angeles Times details why.

From the story: “The fastest-growing segment of the county’s economy is now the clean-tech market, according to government and industry officials. Hundreds of green companies are settling in the area, long known for its real estate development and medical device industry.

The number of clean-tech jobs in the county, currently around 20,000, is growing about 5% each year, according to the Orange County Business Council. There are now nearly 300 clean-tech companies in the county, according to trade group CleanTech OC.

“The notion that it’s an old, stodgy county is long gone,” said Mike Levin, CleanTech OC’s co-founder. “It’s large, diverse and politically not what you think. Orange County is extraordinarily well-positioned to be a center — if not necessarily the center — of the clean-tech industry.”

Nearby green hubs such as Los Angeles, San Diego and the desert cities are feeding business into Orange County. The roster includes hybrid-electric vehicle company Fisker Automotive Inc., solar services company DRI Energy and cellulosic ethanol producer Bluefire Renewables Inc., all in Irvine.

FlexEnergy, a clean-power company, is upgrading to a 30,000-square-foot office in either Santa Ana or Irvine that will be triple the size of the original. T3 Motion Inc., a Costa Mesa company that makes a three-wheel electric vehicle, is getting interest from security agencies and police departments and even had a cameo in this summer’s blockbuster film “Iron Man 2.”

CleanTechOC is made up of elected officials and business leaders working in a non-partisan fashion to build a strong clean/green technology economy for Orange County.  To find out more about CleanTechOC, go to

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  1. November 18, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Below is a link to “Joseph Vranich, The Business Relocation Coach”

    According to his data,
    Five “Green” enterprises have left California.
    In 2009 51 California businesses have left or reduced their operations in California.
    During the 9 ½ months of 2010 the number is 158.

    California Bankruptcy in 2011?
    That’s the prediction now that Prop 23 failed to pass.
    Prop 23 would have suspended California’s Global” warming” law.

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