FedEx Volunteers Trash Anaheim Women’s Shelter [Updated]

When Je’Net Kreitner agreed to allow volunteers from FedEx Ground in Anaheim into her home, Grandma’s House of Hope, which also serves as a shelter for disabled and distressed women, she was not prepared for what was to happen.

The team of 50 volunteers was supposed to remove the carpeting and replace it with laminate flooring. They also agreed to paint the six-bedroom house, Krieter said.

But when the volunteers were “done” Sunday, Kreitner says, the house was in far worse shape than she had ever seen it and “completely unlivable.”

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Update: FedEx is sending a $30,000 check to Grandma’s House of Hope to pay for damage caused by the volunteers.

  1 comment for “FedEx Volunteers Trash Anaheim Women’s Shelter [Updated]

  1. Ltpar
    November 14, 2010 at 4:25 am

    Even though FedEx has paid off the woman running this place, there is just something about this story that doesn’t set right with me. It wouldn’t be the first time the Register has failed to do their homework and misrepresented the facts. In the story, I saw no interviews of the Fed Ex volunteers, who were portrayed as being a bunch of out of control buffoons. It is difficult for me to believe that Fed Ex would send out 50 volunteers to a location with absolutely no pre-planning on what needed to be done, materials required or adequate supervision of the workers. I would like to have seen photographs of before the work was done and also after it was completed. Someone from Fed Ex must have had a camera and taken such pictures for company public relations purposes. Lastly, how about a little background on the owner of the house as it sounds like she runs a string of these places. Who funds the operation and how much is she compensated. While this may be a Mother Theresa story, there are a lot of gaps in the reporting.

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