Three Votes you Must Make Today Santa Ana

If you have to choose the most important races for Santa Ana, here are the top three votes you MUST make today:

Loretta Sanchez for Congress

Voters of Santa Ana need to vote in BIG numbers and re-elect Loretta Sanchez. Considering the stunts on Vietnamese radio and statements made by Lan Nguyen in the past, I truly believe Van Tran has a deep seeded hatred for people of Latino descent(If Glenn Beck can make such statements, so can I). He showed it when he initially supported putting a predominately Latino Garden Grove neighborhood into redevelopment and has allowed his cronies to make hateful statements calling ALL Latinos illegal on Vietnamese radio. A reliable source has even told me some of Tran’s cronies made derogatory statements to him simply because he is of caucasian descent. Loretta cares about ALL people regardless their origin or ethnicity. She is a woman of the people and will continue to represent ALL the people of the 47th District. This is the single most important vote you can make, re-elect Loretta Sanchez!

Lou Correa for State Senate

Photo courtesy of Lou Delgado


Senator Correa has always been there for the residents of Santa Ana and Central Orange County. A homegrown son of this community, he has represented it well. To the point that even the homeless guy who slept in the office complex near Cabrillo Park Dr. and 4th Street knew who he was and thought the world of Correa. I have gotten to know Correa personally and find him to be honest, straight forward. You definitely know where he stands on a most issues, and there are a few I disagree with him on. But he is respectful of differences and works to represent the community. I encourage you all to send a message to Lucille Kring and have her lose by upwards of 20 points. Re-elect Lou Correa by a landslide.

Alfredo Amezcua for Mayor of Santa Ana

photo by Lou Delgado


The first real chance to change Santa Ana in years. Alfredo Amezcua is offering an honest alternative to a corrupt City Hall. With the attacks coming in from City Hall insiders and outside developers, it is clear they realize their days of screwing the residents of Santa Ana may be numbered. But only if you, the voters of Santa Ana vote Alfredo Amezcua into office today. With his mandate, other Councilmembers will follow his example and jump on board the “reform train”. Clearly their are voices for change, as demonstrated in the picture below. So please, vote Alfredo Amezcua for Mayor, give Loretta Sanchez and Lou Correa a real mayor they can work with who will spend the money they bring home to the district right.

  3 comments for “Three Votes you Must Make Today Santa Ana

  1. mary
    November 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    You must Vote Kring, Cecy Iglecias and Collins for mayor!!!!!!!!!. Put the scum a mean INCUMBES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Rugben V
    November 2, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Yes MARY you are so correct it seems too me that the OC Liberal staff are living in a fantasy world of make beliefs and lies, the reality is people in D-47 are sick of the direction that Loretta is taking us and in just 3hrs CECI will be VICTORIOUS!!!! Maybe the staff of the OC liberal is preparing a batch of kool aide because they can’t accept the reality of wed Nov 3rd CECI will be our Rep for D-47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DFCC
    November 2, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Is that the same Lou Correa who promised he would never cast a vote to raise taxes, then cast his vote to raise taxes? I believe all policitians are liars, but really, when you promise not to do something, then turn around and do it, and then expect my vote!!! Only a fool would support a liar.

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