Anaheim City Council Election Review

I’m sure some of you knew this was coming. Here are my picks and reviews for Anaheim City Council. I’ll be providing personal and political assessments of the candidates, well just the viable ones anyway… I used simple markers to determine viability including fundraising, ballot statement, and major party endorsement. I know most of you won’t agree with me, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll be listing candidates in  the order they will appear on the ballot.


He’s not Mexican, his name’s not Mexican, and he makes it a point to tell this to everyone he meets (in case your curious, he claims it’s Russian). Another thing he always points out is that he purchased the 3rd home ever built in Anaheim Hills… when it was built. He’s quite old and seems to have lost some of his facilities, doesn’t get what the Council does, or what he would do should he be elected to it. Thankfully he’s not viable.


Rudy seems like a nice guy. He works in the medical field, is a reservist and served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, among other places… but has no big name support, no real fundraising and no ballot statement.


Gail Eastman is a helluva grassroots campaigner. She came incredibly close to unseating Lorraine Galloway in 2008, and so, naturally has tried again this year. Except… something just seemed off about her campaign this time around… It seemed to have less money, less support, and less vigor from her previous effort. Although, having come so close last time, she really should have an incredible amount of name ID left, the race for one of the seats is really her’s to lose. I don’t agree with her on a lot of things, and I despise her ’08 campaign platform that centered around shopping carts (and by extension, the poor, car-less Mexicans who use them), and made it seem as if it were Anaheim’s biggest problem. I could only hope blight was our biggest problem! *cough* However, I digress. Gail is a nice, grandmotherly lady, who has always shown me nothing but kindness, and genuinely loves her city. I find her to be a moderate, and she is not affiliated with any political party. Anaheim could do much much worse.


No fundraising, no ballot statement, no endorsements but he does have a website up. Granted, the website did have less than perfect grammar… but at least he had one. Dennis is a recent addition to the Democratic Party, having joined our cause in ’08. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s not ready for the big-time.


If your a Democratic Elected official, nothing pisses off lefties more than when you endorse Republicans. I don’t care if your Lorraine Galloway, or Lou Correa… why can’t you just keep your trap shut? Don’t we have enough issues in this County Party, without your idiotic Republican endorsements? Do you fancy yourselves king-makers in the absence of a strong central committee? That said, John  Leos, Anaheim Hills resident has garnered the support of Orange County Labor, and even some of my fellow bloggers here. Granted, his biggest supporter here, Blogmaster Chris Prevatt (Who doesn’t live in Anaheim, mind you) is a former OCEA Treasurer, and of course, anyone they endorse, he will support too… I get it. But it’s still disappointing when elected Dems endorse Reps. Actually, infuriating is a better word. I know you Electeds all check our site, among others, quite regularly. Just know that when a viable candidate surfaces in the primaries, some of us have great memories and you will regret your harmful, quixotic Republican endorsements. Democrats didn’t elect you so you can turn round and support Reps. And if you think manyReps supported you, you have another thing coming. Leos, is a registered Republican, and lives with his family in the community known as Anaheim Hills. He is a S.C. No, not Sack of Crapsocial conservative.

***Funny Story: Someone from Leos came and knocked on my door about a month ago. My mother answered and was peppered with enthusiastic statements about Leos from a supporter of his. She promptly asked if he knew where Leos lived, because she thought he lived in the Hills and “I think they have enough power on our council already… god I love her! ***

Linda Linder R– NOT VIABLE

I like Linda’s personal story, and her views while right of center do not seem extreme. She is a former LA Sheriff’s Deputy, and current City Employee. She has a ballot statement and a site up…but doesn’t have significant fundraising or backing. Not ready for Council.

Robert Flores D-NOT VIABLE

Uses running for office as business advertising.

John Santoanni D- Democratic Party Endorsed…. but not Viable

John is an hourly employee at Disneyland, and while he means well, I do not believe he would be an effective leader, or compromiser on the City Council. He is on the Anaheim Cultural Arts Commission, and has been there for almost 6 months. He does have a great site, party endorsement, and some support, but has failed to transform those in the much needed tens of thousands of dollars to launch a credible challenge for a Council seat.

Sandy Parke- NOT VIABLE

Robert Nelson R– Top 5

Robert is a nice guy. He’s quite personable, and has great, wonderful people supporting him. He is very right of center, intelligent, and has impeccable manners . I met him at one of (Red County Blogger) Cynthia Ward’s lovely Sunday Dinner’s, which is, pretty much a must stop location for Anahiem Candidates. Robert has been canvassing and getting his signs and flyers out and about the city, and while it’s hard to determine how much of that will manifest itself into support on E-day, I’m sure his showing will be considerable. He has a site, and ballot statement, but with impeccable grammar.  I think he will be more viable in the future, but in a race with Eastman, Leos, and Murray, his potential is diluted.


I don’t have much to say about Kris, partly because I’ve never met her. What I’ve heard is that she is quite honestly a lovely, intelligent person. She’s heavily supported by the Republican Officials, is the party favorite, and has the full support of Mayor Pringle. Quite disconcertingly, I know a number of Democrats who plan on supporting her after having met her in her canvassing routes. Speaking of canvassing, she seems to have taken a page out of Gail Eastman’s book (no pun intended) and has been criss-crossing the city with the likes of Jordan Brandman (who along with Tom Daly, has endorsed her). She has all her ducks lined and I give her a serious shot of taking a seat.



Bill Dalati is a nice guy, a good businessman, and an active participant in the process and Anaheim issues. He can probably stand to do much better electorally if he stopped taking the advice of whoever he is listening too, and found himself some real help. If elected, I think he’d be a great council-member, but again, he has to be elected first.

Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin R- Viable?

How well Hoagy will do today is anyone’s guess. He’s been very vocal on the AUHSD Board, and is a top vote getter in that race. The question is, how much of it will transfer over to his Anaheim City Council run? I’ve found his campaign lacking, and expected something much better from someone who is rumored to enjoy the support of Queen Bee Loretta Sanchez (perhaps she wasn’t on board this time?). I’m not a fan of his, and am annoyed at his inability to answer simple questions from his constituents, such as, “What’s your party affiliation?”.

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