The Scariest Bloggers in the OC-2010 edition


It’s Halloween, so for our annual Trick or Treat, we present our picks for the scariest bloggers in the OC blogsphere with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  Let us know if there’s anyone we missed.


10.  Claudio Gallegos, The LiberalOC — from disrupting the NUFF forum to insisting that if he saw Miguel Pulido walk on water in front of him that “Pulido can’t swim,” Claudio is among the more passionate bloggers in the OC. And that’s what we love about him. Claudio isn’t scary to us, but he certainly scares the crap out of Santa Ana politicos who have to paint him as untruthful or crazy or intoxicated.  He’s none of those, but every time they use the unfounded rumors to go after Claudio, it only proves how scary Claudio is to them.

9.  The “bloggers” of the Santa Ana City Council – Did you know that Mayor Pulido, Sal Tinajero and Michelle Martinez all have blogs now?  You didn’t?  Well, a video of Martinez’s blog featuring all of them carries a theme “I am Santa Ana and Santa Ana is Great?”  Really?!  As Santa Ana has a terrible local economy, is in debt up to it’s eyeballs, has the worst crime rate in OC, and the worst high school drop out rates in the county…and Santa Ana is great?!  What’s your definition of “in the crapper?”  Do us all a favor and read about the Brown Act, you city council bloggers..and actually try following the law and take more responsibility for the campaign donations you accept when you’re voting on city business.

8.  Rep. John Campbell, Green Eyeshade Blog — Please spare me this image that you’re a CPA and that Obama’s policies are leading us over a cliff when you voted FOR Cash for Clunkers and FOR TARP and pushed for an exclusion of automobile dealerships from Finance Reform.  Earmarks represent one half of one percent of the federal budget and only total $16-$18 billion.  Yet please tell me why you think every federal expenditure is waste.  Scary indeed.  More likely too scared to actually debate your opponent to make the case to voters why you should go back to Washington.  I wonder if the Congressman noticed how many people turned their backs to him at the IPSF event in September due to his (lack of) support for schools.

7. Joe Sipowicz, FFFF — Joe, if that is in fact your name… Joe, is an angry young man who, from comments and blog posts that carry his name, we have ascertained works in a gunshop somewhere in Fullerton.  That in itself is scary.  And five times a day, we think Joe lights votive candles and kneels down to worship at the alter of Shawn Nelson.  Nelson signs up for the generous pension; Joe says it’s OK because he never campaigned on what he’d do with his own pension, only that of evil public employee unions.  Harry Sidhu is cleared by the DA on any wrongdoing, Joe insists Harry is a perjurer but doesn’t say squat about his own admin’s possible perjurious votes in recent elections because he hasn’t updated his voter reg forms.  Want to send Joe over the edge? Tell him Nelson is advocating for a 500% increase on taxes for bullet purchases.  “Oh Shawn, I am not worthy to worship you, but only say the word, and I shall blog about it…..”

6.  David Winslow, — Technically, a website and not a blog. Winslow is picking up where Steven Smith and the IrvineTattler left off and has already been banned by the Voice of OC for violating their commenting terms of service.  Did you know that Larry Agran has been arrested?  Old news David.  Did you know Sukhee Kang once made fun of the Governor’s accent? We all do.  Instead of blogwhoring your site everywhere David, open your website to comments so we can all tell you where to stick it.

5. Art Pedroza, (aka  El Democrata, Zorro, Admin) from the Orange Juice Blog, New Santa Ana,,, the OC Democrats Blog, MayorMiguelPulidoBlog, MichelleMartinezBlog, SalTinajeroBlog, SantaAnaBusinessAssociation (did I miss any?) — Blogs under different names on different sites and refers to himself in the third person often; takes money from candidates to write positive blog posts about them and fails to disclose he’s taken money as a paid consultant; Cites that he is a teacher at Cerritos College but fails to mention he teaches there one day a week (on Saturday) and it’s a group taught class. Was a business license tax scoufflaw and still owes the city for taxes made on his blog from 2004-2007.  And we haven’t even gotten to the three credit card fraud lawsuits, the pending home foreclosure, and the outcome of the federal lawsuits for cybersquatting by linking domains names of his political enemies (namely us) to the North American Man Boy Love Association which advocates sex between men and boys and Gay Porn Sites — all while running for Santa Ana school board.  And if elected, we believe the candidate most likely to sell his vote to the highest bidder.  He needs the money!  We especially find him scary when he criticizes someone for being unethical. 


Art would know all about that.

4. Gustavo Arellano, Navel Gazing/OC Weekly — As I write this, I’m watching game three of the World Series and wonder why the Angels can’t get players like Vladimir Guerrero or Benjy Molina? That’s right, they did.  These guys used to play for the Angels and Gustavo tossed Vlady under the bus even though he was the Angels best hitter during the ALCS in 2009; Gustavo makes the list for his appalling lack of baseball smarts and will make the list until he admits he was wrong about old #27.  And using standards by others in the blogsphere, Gustavo once called me a Polock online so does that make him a hater?  (for the slow ones out there, no, it doesn’t).

3.  Jon Fleischman, The Flash Report — I actually met Jon Fleischman this year, and I’m not afraid to say I threw up in my mouth a little bit. If you want to know why the state Republican Party is in such trouble, it’s because of “leaders” like Jon.  You have to wonder how many ads The FlashReport will get once he’s no longer in a position of Party leadership.

2. Mark Landsbaum, Orange Punch — Landsbaum has graduated from Orange County’s biggest global warming/climate change denier to the author of ridiculous polls where good progressives don’t have any good choices.  Equates “freedom” with how much you pay in taxes and the role of government in our lives, when freedom is clearly much much more than that.  Let’s be honest here; Hell will freeze over before the Register ever endorses a Democrat for anything.  And its a safe bet, Mark never will.

1. Sean Mill, OrangeJuice/NewSantaAna — The master at posting blog posts and commenting on blog posts while on a break from his cubicle job at a Title Company in Irvine despite being told not to do so by the company’s CEO. In fairness, Sean only posts during his breaks, which seem to last from 9AM throguh 5PM based on the date/time stamps of his comments.  Does this guy ever work?  We can’t tell if he really likes the performance of Mayor Pro tem Claudia Alvarez or is just buttering her up to ask her out.  Per Sean, since Chris Prevatt and I don’t live in Santa Ana, we have no right to comment about politics in Santa Ana, but he can comment about politics in Irvine, or Costa Mesa, or Anaheim or anywhere.  Per Sean, he can out clients of mine online or insist Chris Prevatt’s PC be checked for blogging at work, but how dare we inquire about his blogging on his employer’s dime and time or referencing his exact company.  Sean constantly suggests Claudio is either mentally unbalanced or a drunk, but I’ve heard Sean growl and mutter threats to Matt Cunningham at the NUFF forum and I have lousy hearing.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sean isn’t a gang member, but he could be if he applied himself.  Sean subscribes to the notion that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth (like that $1,000 Quill bar tab story that was debunked months ago). 

And don’t worry Sean, I’m only breaking your chops here.  Nothing personal.

Congrats Sean.  You’re our scary blogger of the year.

And for scary blog commenters, in no particular order

  12 comments for “The Scariest Bloggers in the OC-2010 edition

  1. Steve
    October 31, 2010 at 9:34 am

    You want Gustavo to admit he was wrong about something.

    The day that he, or virtually any other local blogger for that matter, admits they were wrong about something, or actually writes in a sentence “I’m sorry”…now THAT will be the day hell freezes over.

    • October 31, 2010 at 10:27 am

      Well, we can appeal to Gustavo’s sense of fairness or equal opportunity criticism for equal offenses (Pedroza always gets a free pass with Gustavo), but we’re not holding our breath. And I’ll take the recognition of the “best local blog” from the OC Press Club over the selection from “OC Weekly” – one member of that club — any day.

  2. Howard be my name
    October 31, 2010 at 9:39 am

    Dan, you apparently don’t get out much since you left off the blog posts of Schroeder-wannabe Tony Beall over at Red County. That guy is a megalomaniac who truly envisions himself as Mike Schroeder’s heir.

  3. October 31, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Good one Howard; I don’t find the bloggers at Red County to be as scary as they used to be. But I did ask for who I missed and Beall is a good one.

  4. Steve
    October 31, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Has anybody else noticed that Sean Mill’s been pretty quiet lately? If I didn’t know better, I’d say Sal Tinajero got smart and told Sean to keep his cybermouth shut until after the election.

    • October 31, 2010 at 1:21 pm

      Or maybe his boss saw how much he’s been posting while he should be working

  5. RHackett
    October 31, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Here’s one of the many reasons why folks like Jonny Flash and other conservatives (Joe Sipowicz) are full of bovine scatology.

    They rant and rave about unions and their corrupting influence on politics. Yet the only statewide office the GOP has a prayer of winning is the AG’s with Cooley. Cooley has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in union contributions and the OCGOP or CRP haven’t said nary a word about disowning him like they have with others.

    Proving they could care less. It’s all about winning and losing. Same thing we saw during the recall. They were all licking each other’s private parts when Davis was recalled, and none of them stand up for Arnie after they are the ones who promoted.

    Lastly, one of the biggest scandals of OC politics in recent years was the indictment and conviction of Mike Carona. If one’s only source of news had been the FlushReport one would have never known any of that had happened. All the more remarkable was that Jonny Flush claimed to know nothing about this behavior after writing that he got an “insider look” at Carona. When he wrote, “…in my opinion, offer the kind of real leadership that Orange County has come to know from Mike Carona.”

    Little did we know just how right he was in that statement.

  6. Dan Chmielewski
    October 31, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Did anyone notice a comment on OJ on Art’s post about standing up for teachers. It posed a question if he would decline the stipend and benefits paid to SAUSD trustees. No liber. No reference to NAMBLA or gay porn or credit card fraud. The comment is gone now. Guess we know the answer. So much for Mr. “we try not to delete comments here”.

  7. Claudio Gallegos
    November 1, 2010 at 11:15 am


    I noticed that. I thought it was an interesting question to ask, espcially since Art always portrays himself as some sort of maverick, I would think he would be the first person to turn down the benefits. Attention SAUSD vendors, start donating now, Art’s vote is DEFINITELY FOR SALE to the highest bidder.

    On another note Dan, it should be noted I do not hate Miguel Pulido. The interactions I have had with him he comes across as a nice guy. I do not like the leadership he has provided for the city. We aren’t asking him to be an Antonio Villaraigosa where he has a press conference every time he sneezes. We want someone who is accessible to the residents of Santa Ana and actually listens to us and what WE want.

    I just find it so interesting how the Irvine and South County interests think this all has to do with some grudge against Pulido. I also find it interesting how Irvine and South County interests sem to know what every resident in Santa Ana is thinking. Try actually coming here and see what we are thinking and see the community for yourself instead of just dumping money to our politicians so they can give you all contracts to do absolutely nothing. Those are my thoughts and I am not changing them, no matter how many Dem insiders try to convince me.

    One month before the Mexican Revolution began, the New York Times stated they don’t ever envision seeing a revolution taking place in Mexico. 7 months later Porfirio Diaz was put on a ship heading into exile in France(ironic his career began fighting France). Now if Amezcua wins, I hope Pulido does not go into a self-imposed exile. He is a smart man and I notice has a passion for green technologies. He should make peace with Amezcua, and I know Amezcua is a easy to get along with guy, and work to bring green tech jobs to Santa Ana.

  8. Get Real
    November 2, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Oh come on, why would you guys even mention anyone from the 4F’s blog. It’s well known that Tony Bushala has several different pseudomyns and Joe Sipowicz is one of them. He probably blogs with a half dozen or so names if not more.

    Now Tony is patting himself on the back for this major accolade.

    Liberal OC, you’re losing credibilty.

  9. November 2, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Well, then Tony does the same thing his buddy Pedroza does (Art posts under Zorro and El Democrata). But all the same, Tony doesn’t scare me and I’ll stand by our journalistic standards over theirs anyday.

  10. Advantage Title Flunky
    November 29, 2010 at 11:26 am

    You boys won’t have me to kick around anymore. On the advice of Sal Tinajero and my mother, I too have decided to quit blogging. It’s dispicable that you all let the world know about Sal Tinajero’s father being killed while stealing roosters and Art Pedroza’s obsession with NAMBLA and gay porn as well his financial and mental problems. And you better not even think about calling Advantage CEO Mike Tafoya or posting info about my bankruptcy or mother will kick your a**.

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