The Mailers Pulido Hoped You’d Forget

For along time there has always been talk about Miguel Pulido’s anti-immigrant mailers he sent out and debate on what his stand really was on Proposition 187. We now know. With all the debate and talk, one thing was known, Miguel had made some really anti-immigrant statements in 1994 in order to get conservative voters north of 17th. Yet no one seemed to have the proof of just what was sent out and what was said….. UNTIL NOW! Imagine my suprise coming home from work and finding five pages of papers detailing his actions against immigrants, the same ones he is claiming to champion. What I found in them would make Allan Mansoor blush and really calls into question the judgement of ANY self-respecting Democrat endorsing Mayor Pulido. Of course I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, you can read them for yourself HERE and HERE. The letter contains a translation into Spanish.

I think this puts any debate to rest on where he stood on Proposition 187, he OPPOSED it. But he opposed it because it appears he wanted something more in line with the ARIZONA LAW SB 1070. Now some will say that was 16 years ago. True, but Miguel Pulido has done his best to try and hide from his record, unlike Rob Richardson who actually had the guts to come out and apologize for his endorsement of Prop. 187, calling it wrong. Pulido has been ducking this issue for 16 years, but that has come to an end. Of course some folks who were once supporters, then opponents and now supporters again of the mayor claim they were opposed to Mayor Pulido for taking the stand against immigrants rights in 1994 and now he has returned to being the Miguel Pulido who originally ran for office in 1986. Are they referring to the same Miguel Pulido who sent THIS LETTER out in 1986 when he first ran for Council? This is even more inflammatory than the Proposition 187 letter, using the talking points of people like Harald Martin and Barbara Coe. This is the Miguel Pulido who inspired so many old timer Democrats? Once again I question their judgement. Problem for the Mayor, hard to hide when you got a real opponent. The truth was bound to come out sooner or later. My question to Frank Barbaro, who is spending $32,000 to go after another Democrat on Mayor Pulido’s behalf instead of using it to help Phu Nguyen against Allan Mansoor, and all the other Democrats and south county “progressives” who gush over Miguel like 14 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert is this. How is this a Democrat you can get behind and support?

Now if you find the letter a little hard to read, understand it is 24 years old. A few words are illegible, so I will transcribe it here for you all to read if you have trouble with the PDF.

Dear Friend,

 The influx of “illegal aliens” into the city of Santa Ana is a growing problem that needs to be addressed in a complete and sound manner.

 As a naturalized United States citixen, I have strong feeling about having the illegal immigration of any ethnic group into our community. My brothers, sister and father all became United States citizens by following the law.

 Even though America is the Land of Opportunity and home of the free, it’s only law that we respect the rights of native American citizens by not allowing illegal immigrants to freely purge our community.

 As your Councilman, I will tolerate nothing less than action and concrete results and being to resolve this pressing problem. Santa Ana citizens should not be forced to rely upon the empty promises that Councilman P. Lee Johnson has made and will continue to make on the problem of illegal aliens. The (illegible) are clear, P. Lee Johnson has done nothing and will continue to do nothing as long as he remains on the Santa Ana City Council to cure this epidemic.

 Our community can no longer tolerate the public nuisance that illegal aliens bring upon us. Loitering and drug related crimes are linked to our city’s illegal alien problem and our community spirit is forever (illegible) by the presence of this issue.

 As a Hispanic, I am outraged at the negative perceptions illegal immigration (illegible) upon “all Hispanics”. Let me set the record straight, Miguel Pulido is one Hispanic who loves America, respects the law and opposes illegal immigration into the United States.

 I hope you will join me in combating this problem. We have had enough lip-service on this matter and many others. NOW is the time for some good old-fashioned action. If you believe in action and hard work, vote for Miguel Pulido for Santa Ana City Council Ward #4.

 Kindest Regards,

 Miguel Pulido

 P.S. Throughout this campaign, I plan to be upfront and precise on where I stand on the important issues that face Santa Ana. Please reject last minute desperate attacks by my opponent that are designed to mislead you and dilute the truth. Thank you.

  7 comments for “The Mailers Pulido Hoped You’d Forget

  1. gabriel san roman
    October 28, 2010 at 10:08 am

    It’s simple. Pulido could discuss his “conversion” in the media or elsewhere and atone for his “past” sins. If he never does, why should I believe he is truly a changed Mayor?

    Those screeds read like something off of American Patrol…

  2. DFCC
    October 28, 2010 at 10:39 am

    So, am I to assume that you support illegal immigration and you believe it is the responsibility of the American taxpayer to provide for all who are in the country illegally? Be specific, no spin!

  3. art lomeli
    October 28, 2010 at 10:41 am


    That is the point . He is not a changed Mayor. It is all a smoke screen to win and revert to what he is. Look around the city. The neglect and injustices in the Hispanic community attest to these mailers.

  4. art lomeli
    October 28, 2010 at 11:03 am


    This thread is not about a debate on illegal immigration. It is about the election message Pulido is putting forth in Santa Ana , particularly in the Hispanic immigrant community in order to gather votes.



  5. gabriel san roman
    October 28, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Actually those screeds are indistinguishable from say…Mayor Allan Mansoor. It’s simple. Explain yourself Pulido. What “changed” and why? Simple questions.

  6. Lisann Martinez
    October 29, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Even during Pulido’s campaign do the Hispanic Neighborhoods hear from him? NO! His campaign is just as exclusive and elusive as he is the Mayor of Santa Ana. He wouldn’t dirty his little feet walking in the Santa Anita Neighborhood. We need a Mayor that is going to treat every citizen of Santa Ana the same. We need a Mayor that is concerned with these neighborhoods and the kids that live there. He should make sure that the Parks n Recreations have plenty of staff for structured activities for the Kids but NO! He lets the Parks N Rec’s rent space out to programs that charge our kids to participate in programs 10.00 a month per child. denying the entrance to the recreation centers when paid programs are going on, removing picnic tables from the parks so families cannot sit and watch their kids play. Closing the open field space to the community. The kids play racket ball in the Santa Ana River Bed, they play basket ball in the allies. It is time for Santa Ana to have a Mayor that cares about all the community members. VOTE FOR ALFREDO AMEZCUA FOR MAYOR! he is the people’s choice.

    • mary
      November 1, 2010 at 6:29 pm


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