My 2010 Election Picks Part 1

As is often the tradition with political blogs, the time has come to make our choices for who should be elected throughout Orange County. This year we have some great Democrats running for school boards and city councils throughout Central Orange County. In Part 1 I am going to cover my picks for the statewide races, the two Anaheim school districts(AUHSD and ACSD), and the Garden Grove Unified School District.

Statewide Races

Governor- Jerry Brown

U.S. Senator- Barbara Boxer

Lieutenant Governor- Gavin Newsom

Secretary of State- Debra Bowem

Attorney General- Kamala Harris

Treasurer- Bill Lockyer

Controller- John Chiang

Insurance Commissioner- Dave Jones

Superintendent of Public Instruction- Larry Aceves

Now the support for Larry Aceves may raise a few eyebrows. First, he IS a Democrat but is not the “chosen one” of the Democratic party insiders. Instead he is not a politician, he is a lifelong school policy maker who knows the ins and outs of how our schools work. Personally, as a parent of school aged children, I thin we need more of that kind of knowledge in this office. That is why I will be casting my vote for Democratic party maverick Larry Aceves on November 2nd.

Legislative Offices

Congress- 47th District Loretta Sanchez

We cannot allow the anti-Latino, pro drunk driving Van Tran to get this seat.

Congress- 48th District- Beth Krom

Too often we have elected officials who seem allergic to engaging the public. Not Beth Krom. Beth will represent ALL the people of the 48th, vote Beth Krom.

State Senate- 34th District- Lou Correa

We must vote to re-elect Lou Correa. He is a great representative of the people who has NOT forgotten where he has come from. No district has better representation than Lou Correa.

State Assembly- 69th District- Jose Solorio

This is Solorio’s last term, let’s help him defeat right wing whack job Robert Hammond.

School District

Anaheim Union High School District- Jan Domene and Jordan Brandman

I am proud to call Jordan Brandman a friend and encourage Anaheim voters to re-elect him to the AUHSD. Jordan has been a great board member who worked to get the AUHSD to be the first school district in Orange County to take a stand in support of the DREAM Act. Lets also help get Jan Domene elected to the AUHSD board, Jan is a fellow Democrat who will be a great replacement to the horific Thomas Holguin.

Anaheim City School District- Jose Moreno and Jeff Cole

It is rare to find a true community advocate like Jose Moreno. Yet he is not just a board member, he is an advocate for the community, a true voice for the growing Latino population of Anaheim. He truly represents them and does not seek to be some all powerful “cacique” like so many past Latino school board members who will only help those who pay them tribute like some sort of peon. He means what he says and says what he means and truly seeks to make ACSD a better school district. Moreno was instrumental in the recall of Harald Martin and one of the very first to sign on. If only all school board members could be like him. As for Jeff Cole, his statement on Smart Voter has him saying something that is rarely talked about, the need to cut from Administration and the “suits” at the district office and put more of that money into the classroom. Well said, I encourage Anaheim voters to vote for him as well.

Garden Grove Unified School District- Bao Nguyen

I know voters are allowed to choose two candidates for this race, but I am encouraging people to vote for one, Bao Nguyen and help get the biggest bigot in Van Tran’s entourage, Lan Nguyen out of office. Bao is a lifelong GGUSD resident and I believe the future of the Vietnamese community. Bao also cares about the teachers of the district, and will be willing to fight administration’s efforts to try and screw over older teachers. Bao is a true fighter for the community and will be able to help Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam to purge the GGUSD of Van Tran’s influence. So first, defeat Van Tran, and next help elect a new generation and group of Vietnamese leaders who will take the fight to the corrupt Van Tran machine. Elect Bao Nguyen to the GGUSD.

  2 comments for “My 2010 Election Picks Part 1

  1. David Michaels
    October 25, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    I was surprised by a listing of support for Larry Aceves as a maverick Democrat, because he is no longer a Democrat. He left the Democratic Party several weeks ago.

  2. Jeff Cole
    November 13, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Thank you very much for your endorsement. I won! As a progessive Democrat, you can count on me to work with Jose Moreno. He truely is a great advocate of the people.
    Thanks again,
    Jeff Cole

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