Voices From Street Corners (Vol 8)

I began the week a bit hopeful despite a cold, damp and wet week. It sure was a wet one around South County. Towards the end of the week, it was really cool to see some sunshine after a long few days of rain. With the advent of sunshine, though, people again came out to make their case for help.

As I traveled throughout South County, I noticed one of those “voices” pushing a baby cart with another young child following her. I worked up the courage to go up to talk to her. I asked her about how things were going. She said that she had a few leads she was pursuing. She had just come back from a job interview. I asked her about her kids that were with her. She had a young boy that was the cuttest boy around. She also had a 13-year old daughter, too. I did not want to be too much of an imposition, but I sensed a level of nervousness and shyness that I did not want to intrude upon. I admired how brave she was, but I also sensed a level of exhaustion as I spent a few minutes with her. She told me how tired she was. As I left them, all I could them was to have faith.

As I walked away, I saw another lady who had a sign up asking for help. I worked up the courage to talk to her and asked her a simple question: why? She told me that she was on unemployment that had run out. She was trying to do what she needed to do in order to keep a roof for her two children: an 11 year old and a 17 year old. She told me that she was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) that moved out of Arkansas to here. She could not use her CNA because she had to undergo training. I asked her about the father of her children. She noted that they had separated and all she got was $ 200 a month.

As I heard talking about how she used Unemployment Insurance to keep a roof on her family’s head, I wondered what would Joe Miller say to her. I tried to encourage her by telling her about the local one stop center and opportunities for her to get re-certified through the Community College. As I bid her farewell, I hoped that she would take advantage of it. While driving away to my next appointment, I again saw the couple whom I interviewed a number of months ago again occupying a street corner. I could not work up the courage to talk to them.

Such “Street Corner” people seem to be propping up everywhere. It is a sad spectacle, to say the least. As I have continued to think about these unfortunate souls, my thoughts yet again went to the races throughout Orange County, the State and the Nation. What I find striking about all the fights going on. I wondered about this notion of Freedom and the need to really scale back Government. I am absolutely convinced that these Voices From Street Corners I have talked about are just as patriotic and want to save America. It seems, though, that there is no focus on them. This is what is the prevailing wind is for the “loyal opposition”:

Karl Rove and the rest of the “loyal opposition” seem so focused on taking power that they seem to forget about these poor souls. All I heard was bashing the unions and attacking the so-called liberal groups. What will happen to all those who have lost their homes, living in their cars, cannot find a job and are trying to get back on their feet? I did not hear anything about true reform–only an outright quest for power. What I also find quite striking is how the utter disdain and lack of regard for the President is clearly coming through.

For those poor souls on Street Corners, what Charlie Cook, Henry Olsen and others have said does not truly matter. They want to have a place to live and a decent place to work. They want to create a strong future for their children. They want a chance to realize the American Dream that is increasingly becoming ever more distant. Mike Pence’s declaration about “no compromise” is a worrisome stance that was also underscored by the forceful reaction to the firing of Juan Williams by NPR from the Right.

November 2 will be here before we know it. I wonder about November 3 and whether all who win will actually commit to governing and not stuck in their ideological positions. I am not optimistic in light of what has happened over the past two years. I continue to fear for all those people from “Street Corners” and others who are also in trouble in a major way. What will happen now?

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  1. October 25, 2010 at 12:05 am

    When I chose candidates, I always ask myself, “Which candidate is less likely to make things worse?” When considering ballot propositions I strive to understand the true motives of both sides, I “follow the money”.

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    My 7 Reasons to vote “YES” on Prop.23, (Save jobs, & don’t put more people on the streets).

    A “YES” vote on Prop 23 will delay implementation of California’s 2006 “Global Warming Solutions Act” until California’s unemployment, (now 12.4%), returns to 5.5% for one year.

    (1) “Global Warming” is science fraud.

    (2) Wind & Solar crippled Spain’s economy. “Feeling the Pain in Spain”

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    (4) “Google” this http://www.google.com enter “Wind & Solar the Next Derivatives Bubble”
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    (5) “The New American” magazine, “Solar Power Generation: Boon or Boondoggle”

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    If Prop 23 is defeated on November 2, 2010 the resulting exit of manufacturing companies from California will cause the state’s default on its debt obligations in 2011.

    You’ve been warned.

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