Van Tran Answers a Question

The Liberal OC's Dan Chmielewski and CD-47 Candidate Van Tran (c) 2010,

A number of political candidates and members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathered at Bistango’s in Irvine for a meet and greet.  I grabbed a brochure and looked up to discover State Rep. Van Tran all of two feet away from me. 

So of course, I had some questions for him.  And I’m saving some of them for another post, but we finally have an answer on the notion that’s he’s represented Andy Quach as his lawyer.

“That’s attorney-client privledge,” said the Assemblyman, who declined any detail whatsoever.

And more surprisingly, in spite of numerous phone calls to Van Tran’s staff in OC and Sacramento, the Assemblyman told me it’s the first time he was made aware of my line of questioning.  And given how his campaign aide, Brett Everett, kept interrupting my line of questions, it’s obvious to me that Van Tran’s staff keeps him sheltered from anything that resembles a hard question or a serious inquiry.  Note to Brett, your new nickname, in the Spirit of MTV’s Jersey Shore is “The Interruption” — think “The Situation” but without the abs or the attitude).

We’re still waiting for his travel documents that he promised at the debate in front of 30 reporters.  I won’t hold my breath.

(c) 2010, The LiberalOC

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  1. jeff kunn
    October 23, 2010 at 1:05 am

    no i dont like your post and you are a big joke. VOTE FOR VAN TRAN!

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