Ken Calvert is horribly confused.

Congressman Ken Calvert

This came in the email this morning from the Bill Hedrick Campaign. Enjoy.

Ken Calvert is horribly confused.

At least it sure seems that way.  Ken Calvert seems to think he’s running against Nancy Pelosi on November 2nd.  But he’s not.  He’s running against Bill Hedrick.  For Congress.

To help clear-up Calvert’s confusion, we here at Team Hedrick have made this short ‘educational’ video to help clear up the Congressman’s confusion.  And we thought you might like to see it too (then forward on to a friend.  Share the love!)


With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, we’ve got Calvert running scared.  From the obnoxious neon orange signs that have cropped up all over the district, plus the mailers, radio ads, and TV commercials, Ken Calvert is trying anything to distract voters from looking at his 18-year record of corruption and ineffectiveness.  He knows that voters are looking for leadership they can trust – and Calvert knows that’s not him.

Don’t be fooled by Calvert’s smoke and mirrors. Let’s clear up any further confusion on Calvert’s part about who exactly it is that voters want to see representing them in Washington.

The choice is clear.  Elect Bill Hedrick, who wants to talk about what’s important to people here at home: creating new jobs, protecting the environment, and improving our education system.  Or Ken Calvert, who wants to talk about…Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the link to our short ‘educational’ video one more time.  If you enjoy it, please forward on to a friend to let them know who has your vote!

Thank you.  On to victory!