Will the Long Beach ComicCon Have a Political Tone to it?

Last year's Long Beach ComicCon, (c) 2009, TheLiberalOC

Long time readers know ComicCons in the area usually mark the high Holy days at my house and among my favorite things to buy at these events are sharp and clever political stuff whether its in the form of comics, Tshirts, bumper stickers and buttons. 

While the San Diego ComicCon is a distant memory and the Spring Anaheim show (which was exceptional) is at least six months away, there’s a regional ComicCon happening in Long Beach next weekend.  You can find details about the event here.

(c) 2009, TheLiberalOC

While I love ComicCon in San Diego, these regional shows are fantastic for access to artists and writers; and the setting is smaller so you can do more than stand in line waiting for an event you might not get into.  But there will be some lines. Stan Lee will be there on Halloween signing autographs (he is the nicest guy!).  Stan Lee will be making a special Halloween appearance at Long Beach Comic Con on 10/31 from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Autograph tickets will be available for sales at Booth 544 on Friday & Saturday and in advance at http://shop.desertwindcomics.com/

Yes, it’s the weekend before an election, but it’s worth a few hours to go and have some fun.

(c) 2009, The LiberalOC

(c) 2009, TheLiberalOC.com

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