Coverage of the Dueling Press Conferences of Rackauckas and Spitzer

Todd Spitzer

SANTA ANA — Wednesday, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and his 2014 challenger former Deputy DA Todd Spitzer conducted dueling press conferences. The DA, finally breaking his silence over what his problems with Todd Spitzers performance were, and Spitzer countering with his own allegations against the DA and his office. I was unable to attend the press conferences, something about the fact I have a full time job and need to do it instead of taking time off to watch these two fight it out in the playground kept me away.  Fortunately the OCRegister, OC Weekly, and Voice of OC all had this covered.

Click Here for the Inside OC coverage last night, featuring KOCE’s David Nazar, Flash Report’s Jon Fleischman, former OC Common Cause President Bill Mitchell, and the Voice of OC‘s Norberto Santana, Jr.

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  1. October 21, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    I’m just going to repeat myself from the VOC comment:

    If T-rack had an issue with Todd, he should not have hired him in the first place. Here was the plan (and I wasn’t even in on it until now):

    1. Todd comes back to OC with a huge war chest and his eye on the DA’s office.
    2. T-rack, ever mindful of his beholding to the OC republikans through Susie Doll Schroeder and Mikey, knows that he must pull Todd into his “sphere of influence” (much like the cone of silence).
    3. Todd drinks the koolaid and, thinking that he will be anointed DA and that can’t hurt, goes along with the gobbledy-gook he is spoon fed by his boss and Mikey, never believing that republikans would turn against republikans.
    4. Once T-rack is secure for another 4 years, he can now slam Todd and cast him aside, because he’s big and powerful (and useless as OCDA).

    But Todd fights back………..

    And you know what? Todd Spitzer, with the help of people who believe he is the right man for the job, will come back. Tony can squawk all he wants about how he will run again “only to keep the office safe from the likes of Todd”. But, the truth is, Todd has to run in 2014 to keep that THE MOST CORRUPT DA IN CALIFORNIA from further ignoring transgressions by his republikan buddies.

    Face it, T-rack even looks like a used car salesman.

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