Krom Beats Campbell

In fundraising last quarter.  It’s true.  And most of Beth’s contributions came from individuals who vote and not PACs who don’t.

Here’s the skinny on the growing momentum for change in CD-48.

While my opponent continues to bob and weave, we have spent the past 20 months taking our message directly to voters. And in every round, we’ve come out swinging. We’re not fighting for ourselves. We’re fighting for the people of this district – the children, the families, the seniors, the veterans. We’re fighting to protect our coastline.  We’re fighting to keep education accessible.  And we’re fighting for small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators who are the life blood of our local economy.

Maybe that’s why the people continue to bet on us.

We’re proud that in our last financial reporting period, we not only raised more than the incumbent, we had our best fundraising quarter yet! Thanks to people like you, we raised over $143,000, with more than 90% of those contributions coming from individuals. That’s the power of people in our democracy.

True to form, Campbell – who raised only $109,261 – relied on corporate PACs for more than 70% of his campaign contributions.

We’re energized, on our feet, and looking for a knockout in the final round. But this match isn’t over yet. Please help us land the final punch by contributing $25, $50, $100 or more TODAY!

There are a lot of reasons to feel cynical about the way money influences elections. Still, there is nothing more powerful than the individual donor in American politics. That’s why we encourage people to contribute what they can to candidates they believe in. Not only will it generate more money to help the candidate win, but once you’ve bet on a boxer, you pay attention to the match.

When we entered the ring twenty months ago, we knew we were the long shot. We also knew our opponent was beatable. He might have had the silk robe of incumbency, but we had a strategy to defeat him. What we could never have imagined, is how many people would be in our corner cheering us on. 

If you want to see us make history on November 2nd, please contribute $25, $50, $100 or more TODAY to ensure we have the momentum to knock out John Campbell on November 2nd.

Thanks for believing in me, and for your continued support.

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  1. October 20, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Go to for crucial information about the problems with Larry Agran. You can’t read and still vote for Agran or Krom.

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