CD-48 Debate Tonight: Will Campbell Even Show?


Beth Krom will be at UCI tonight for the only scheduled debate for CD-48.  Her opponent, Rep. John Campbell, has not formally declined but almost no one expects him to show up.

Here’s a Congressman who doesn’t bring a dime back to his district, shifting the tax burden for needed municipal projects to state and local coffers.  Here’s a Congressman who never held a single Twon Hall on Healthcare Reform.  Here’s a Congressman who’s against the needed stimulus but had no problem bailing out the automobile industry.  And here’s a Congressman who is still under the cloud of an ethics investigation.

Beth has been ready to debate Campbell on this issues for more than 18 months.

Here are the details for tonight’s debate, if Campbell decides he needs to make his case to voters on why he should be returned to Washington to vte no on everything.


Just a reminder that TONIGHT is the one and only congressional debate and we need a strong showing as it will be televised.  It will take place at UCI and we hope you’ll attend and encourage everyone you know to be there as well.

Time:  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location:  Crystal Cove Auditorium at UCI Student Center

Seating is limited – plan to arrive early to ensure you have a seat!

This is a GREAT opportunity to show your support for Beth.  Audience  participants will be allowed to submit questions.  This debate will illustrate the stark differences between the candidates and help motivate voters to turn out on Election  Day in support of Beth.