More Election Trail Cat Fights

And I thought that the spat between Nelson ans Sidhu was a good example of a silly election season. Below we have some stories reported over the past couple of days by the Orange County Register about campaign trail shenanigans.

Police respond to reports of campaign-trail shenanigans

LOS ALAMITOS —The race for City Council grew tenser over the weekend, as candidates and residents lobbed new accusations against each other and — in three instances — police were summoned to the scene.

One of the complaints Saturday ended up on YouTube and featured prominent businessman George Briggeman Jr., who is not a candidate. Another call to the police came from candidate Dean Grose, who observed a car following him on the campaign trail. And the third police call featured three council members and three police cars.

None of the incidents involved a violation of law and no action was taken, Police Capt. Bruce McAlpine said Monday. Read More.

Candidate says opponent hit him with SUV

MISSION VIEJO – Opposing sides of a divisive city election are being interviewed by investigators after a council candidate alleged he was assaulted by a supporter of a competing candidate.

Sheriff officials said there were no witnesses to the alleged assault, but are continuing an investigation into a report that a man driving an SUV struck a city council candidate with his vehicle after an argument erupted about campaign signs. Read More.

Wow. talk about your cat fights getting out of hand.