Nelson threatens to sue Sidhu for talking about Nelson’s failed pension spike

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You know it’s crazy election season when candidates start threatening to sue over what they say about each other. That is what seems to be happening in the 4th Supervisor’s District contest between Shawn “I got caught trying to spike my pension” Nelson and Harry Sidhu. Chris Jones of Sidhu’s campaign sent out this release on Monday.

Pension Hypocrite Shawn Nelson Makes Threats To Censor Free Speech

(Anaheim, CA) – The Harry Sidhu for Supervisor campaign today denounced Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s for using legal threats to try and stop public criticism of his decision last June to sign up for a lucrative county pension.

“Politician Shawn Nelson is desperately trying to keep public from learning of his hypocrisy on government pensions,” stated Sidhu campaign spokesman Chris Jones.  “Nelson’s legal threats are hollow and another sign of his falling support among the voters of Orange County’s 4thSupervisorial District.”

“The facts of Mr. Nelson’s pension hypocrisy are indisputable and have received extensive local media coverage.  In June of 2010, after campaigning for months against excessive county pensions, Nelson signed up for the most lucrative county pension choice available to him.  The pension that he signed up for would have enabled him to receive tens of thousands of dollars a year at taxpayer expense,” continued Jones.

“Two months later, AFTER his pension hypocrisy was exposed in the Orange County Register, The Voice of Orange County and a number of local political blogs, Nelson found a loophole to nullify his decision to sign up for the lucrative county pension,” declared Jones.

“The Sidhu campaign will continue to let these facts be known to the voters.  We will not be intimidated by Nelson’s legal threats,” stated Jones, noting that California residents enjoy strong protections against the type of SLAPP lawsuits like the one being threatened by Nelson.

“It’s too bad that Mr. Nelson doesn’t have the courage to admit his pension hypocrisy instead of hiding behind political excuses and legal threats.  His actions are a sign of weakness,” concluded Jones.

Here is the letterthat Nelson’s Attorney, Phillip Greer sent on October 7th to Sidhu. Come on Shawn, I know you want to re-write history but you aren’t Cher. You Can’t Turn Back Time.

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

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  1. What an Idiot!
    October 11, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Phil Greer? Isn’t that the same dope that represents that idiot Public Administrator Williams who is being audited by the CEO’s office, as well as several other supervisors. Pretty big risk at election time.

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