Loretta Sanchez drops another new TV ad

The following release just came in from the Loretta Sanchez campaign:

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)

SANTA ANA, CA – On Monday, the Committee to Re-Elect Loretta Sanchez unveiled a new television spot that will air on cable stations throughout Orange County. The ad, titled “Home,” highlights Rep. Sanchez’s extensive ties to the Orange County community.

“Orange County residents aren’t just the people I represent,” said Rep. Sanchez. “They’re my friends and neighbors – the people I’ve known since my childhood. Together, we will continue the fight to create good-paying jobs, strengthen the economy, and expand the middle class for ourselves and our children.”

“This ad really reflects Congresswoman Sanchez’s strong ties to Orange County,” said Caroline Hogan, press secretary for the Committee to Re-Elect Loretta Sanchez. “She’s always been an independent voice for the people in our community, working across party lines to create new jobs, strengthen our schools, and fight for affordable health care. The Congresswoman has never been afraid to tackle the tough issues.”


Following is the script:


[Congresswoman Sanchez speaking]

Orange County is my home, and this is the neighborhood where I grew up.

Family of seven kids and my mom and my dad.

My dad would work six and a half days a week.

My dad taught me that it doesn’t matter what work you do as long as you put in 110% every day.

I’ve really tried to listen to what people want here and I try to be that independent voice, to do what’s right for people who live here in Orange County.

I’m working for everybody here.

I’m Loretta Sanchez and I approve this message.

To view more of Loretta’s campaign ads please visit Rep. Sanchez’s campaign website: www.loretta.org/videos