Van Tran Misses Key Education Vote

(From the Loratta Sanchez campaign.)

Leaves Community Colleges Hoping to Transfer to UC System High and Dry

SANTA ANA, CA – Last week, CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1440, the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR Act), into law. The STAR Act has been hailed by education advocates for providing a clear path for community college students seeking admission to the California State University system. The Governor also signed Assembly Bill 2302, the Postsecondary Education Student Transfer Act – a complementary measure that encourages the University of California to institute similar guidelines.

So where was Assemblyman Van Tran when his colleagues in the California legislature were voting to allow California community colleges and the University of California system to serve more students? Who knows – because Van Tran voted as “absent, abstaining or not voting” on Assembly Bill 2302.

“The Postsecondary Student Transfer Act is going to make a real difference for community college students in the 47th Congressional District,” said Caroline Hogan, the press secretary for Rep. Sanchez’s campaign. “Unfortunately, when called on to vote on this landmark legislation, Van Tran left tens of thousands of community college students high and dry. This is just another example of Tran failing to stand up for local students.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Van Tran has voted against students and their families:

· In 2008, Tran voted in favor of a budget plan that cut education funding by $500 millions – cuts that the California Teacher’s Associated described as “devastating.”

· In 2008, Tran voted against taxing oil companies and wealthy oil executives to help fund K-12 education.

· In 2009, Tran voted to cut $4.3 billion to secondary education and community colleges.

· In 2009, Tran voted to cut $3 billion to higher education – the stepping stone to greater financial stability and job security and a cornerstone of America’s 21st century economy.

“Van Tran’s record on education speaks for itself,” continued Hogan. “Orange County families need a leader who respects the importance of education and invests in our children’s future. Instead, Van Tran has repeatedly raided education funding because the state legislature can’t balance its budget. The Assemblyman should seriously reconsider his priorities.”

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  1. Will Bradshaw
    October 5, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Dont you realize that Cafifornia has been facing the real deficit problems? its a super smart move that he did all that to save and keep the budget balanced. VAN TRAN IS ALL THE WAY AROUND BETTER THAN SANCHEZ. Its time for her to go and lets bring the energetic young gun Van Tran to do some great deals for our state.

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