Nick Berardino challenges Mauk on executive pay

Nick Berardino, Calling it like it is. - (Photo: OCEA)

SANTA ANA — OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino challenged County CEO Tom Mauk to a debate about executive compensation during the County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. Berardino also called for Supervisors to start paying for their pensions during a discussion about whether Supervisors should move toward a defined contribution retirement plan.

From The Voice of OC: Game On?

Orange County Chief Executive Tom Mauk set off a trip wire Tuesday during a debate on county supervisors’ pensions by mentioning that executives had gotten a bad rap recently in terms of their salaries.

He pointed the finger specifically at Nick Berardino, who leads the Orange County Employees Association, accusing him of characterizing management pensions and perks as overly generous.

Tom Mauk

Berardino, who was in the audience, immediately challenged Mauk to a debate.

Berardino asked supervisors to do the research comparing the growth in salaries and benefits between front line workers and executives.

“Given what’s happened in the city of Bell, we should have this as a public discussion,” Berardino said.

Watch the video’s over at the OCEA website HERE.