OC GOP’s Grose Endorsement is Disgusting

E-mail picture sent by Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose

It isn’t often that we agree with Register Columnist Frank Mickadeit on this blog. But in this case we find ourselves in that position. On Tuesday Mickadeit’s column titled ‘Watermelon man’ gets GOP nod caught our eye. Frank wrote:

First, Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose e-mailed the infamous White House watermelon patch cartoon to a black woman. Then he sent her an apology that might have been more offensive the cartoon itself. Then, after resigning under intense public pressure, he decided, only a year after the incident, to run again for City Council. Too bad the three strikes law doesn’t apply to bad judgment.

But the top prize for bad judgment in this civic embarrassment goes to the Republican Party, which on Monday endorsedGrose in the Nov. 2 election.

Disgusting is all I have to add to Frank’s analysis.

Here is the link to Frank Mickadeit’s column.