Mix Candidate Speed Dating and Drinking Liberally and anything can happen

Tonight we will be holding our regular Drinking Liberally gathering at Memphis at the Santora. What is different this week is that in recognition of our 4th year of Drinking Liberally, we will have at least one special guest.

The OC Young Democrats are holding their Candidate Speed Dating meeting tonight. Following that meeting some of the candidates are expected to stop by and vist our Drinking Liberally gathering at Memphis. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is expected to be one of the candidates paying us a visit.

So stop by about 8:30 pm and see who shows up.

Memphis at the Santora, 201 N. Broadway, Santa Ana.

Remember Drinking Liberally is not about drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It’s about getting together with other Liberals once a week to keep our sanity in a County where we have to deal with a lot of Republicans on a daily basis