Jerry Brown releases his first TV campaign ad

Jerry Brown 8-04-2010 (Photo courtesy Lou Delgado)

At Saturday’s OC Labor Day Celebration in Santa Ana Attorney General Jerry Brown complained; “More people have seen me in a Meg Whitman ad than have seen me in my ads.” But Brown promised the more than 1,000 labor union members, their families, and supporters, “we have the fire power to deliver the truth to the people of California.”

Today, in an email blast to supporters Brown announced:

Today our campaign launches it’s first TV ad and I want you to be the first to see it.  Thanks to the volunteers and the thousands of donations — more than $1 million online — we are in a virtual dead heat with my republican opponent heading into the fall. And, importantly, we have the funds to start buying ads on television.

Our state, like the rest of America, has been dealt a devastating blow by the financial meltdown that still affects the millions of people who have lost their jobs or their homes.  In this profoundly difficult period in our history, it is crucial that we all pull together.  It is a time to unite, not to divide.

Yes, California has high unemployment, huge budget deficits that just keep growing and poisonous politics.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but I don’t lose faith, and neither should you. 

California is a rich state producing more wealth each year than all but seven countries in the world.  We’ll return to prosperity as we always have.  We will do so by living within our means, returning decision making back to the local level — closer to the people — and no new taxes without voter approval.  We must start thinking as Californians first and members of a political party second.

I’ve seen government from every angle and I understand in depth the current breakdown in state government.  I believe with all my heart, at this stage in my life, I’ve got the independence and know-how to turn this breakdown into a breakthrough.

Click here to visit Jerry Brown’s website and contribute what you can to combat the more than $100 million that Meg Whitman has spent from her personal wealth to buy the Governor’s office for her personal trophy collection.