Voices From Street Corners (Cont’d)

I have continued to watch with horror as I see the folks in South County holding up signs asking for help. I have seen a few good samartians giving a few dollars here and there. One such person who had been on the same street corner for over a year now talked about how he had tried everything and now he had nothing.

Earlier this week, I walked up to another one of one people of street corners. I had seen her a few times holding up sign asking for help for herself and her son. I built upon a sense of inner courage to walk up to talk to her and see what prompted her to be at the street corner reaching out and asking for help. I wanted to make sure that I was not imposing or embarrassing her. That was my biggest fear as I parked to walk up to talk to her.

As I walked up to her with a few water bottles and some snacks for her son, I continued to wonder why. But, I was not surprised when I walked up to basically ask her: What happened? Why was she here? She began by talking about her work as a cashier and being in child care. She noted that she was out of work for a year and was about to lose her apartment. I asked about her son. She noted that his 5-year old child was with a kid. I also asked about the Father. All she told me was that the father was no were to be found. I also asked her whether the local one stop Center had helped. She told me that she had been there and they could do nothing. I did urge her to check out 211.Org that provides assistance for all those in her predicament.  She is part of the trend of people who will probably be exiled to.

As I thought about her and all those People of Street Corners, my thought again went out to the leading lights of Republican Candidates Today. My thought turned to Joe Miller, the newest Republican Star on the scene. Not withstanding the Constitutional Arguments these leading lights of the current Republican establishment make, I have to wonder what such luminaries would say to people like this lady who wants to work, is willing to do what it takes and only needs a bit of push. I suppose in Joe Miller’s world, such individuals should be left to the clemency of the market place. Clemency of the market place basically means that there is no heart and folks who are not as fortunate will be left behind.

I get the fact that we in America are 13 Trillion Dollars in Debt. The Republicans have made sure that everyone is aware of this. The question is how to prioritize what can and can’t do. People like this out-of-work cashier must be helped.

Hard times will go away. The question is when? How Long?

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  1. August 29, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    It’s highly unlikely that hard times will go away.
    What is needed yesterday is a 1933 Great Depression era Glass-Steagall type of bankruptcy reorganization, and to start the North American Water and Power Alliance infrastructure project, NAWAPA.

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