Sanchez: “We Can ‘Nguyen’ This”

The Vietnamese Democratic PAC held a luncheon today featuring Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Assembly candidate Phu Nguyen.  Sanchez told the group how pleased she was at the progress made towards voter outreach and increasing Democratic registration among Vietnamese-American voters.  And in turn, how these voters have seen how effective her office has beenin responding to their needs. 

“One thing is clear,” she said. “We can win this election by getting even Nguyen out to vote.”

Yes, the audience appreciated the wordplay.

Assembly candidate Phu Nguyen said the district is facing a historic election. And that he intends to send shockwaves through the district on November 2.

AD-68 candidate Phu Nguyen, (c) 2010,

“For two decades, our district has been represented by the minority party in Sacramento,” said Nguyen.  “The voters here feel as thought their voice is not heard.  People are frustrated. They want answers. They want leadrship. They want representation.” 

The VADPAC (disclosure; I am on the board of directors) received significant union support in its efforts to recruit, support and endorse Vietnamese candidates and exceptional Democratic candidates in Vietnamese districts.

Beside Sanchez and Nguyen, other candidates for office in attendance included Ken Arnold who’s running for Congress, Rancho Santiago trustee candidate John Hanna, Santa Ana mayoral candidate Al Amezcua, Westminster city council candidate Koha Do, Garden Grove school board candidates Bao Nguyen and Bob Tucker.


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  4 comments for “Sanchez: “We Can ‘Nguyen’ This”

  1. August 27, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Rep Loretta Sanchez had nothing intelligent to say on the subject of “Illegal Immigration” during the Orange County Forum’s panel decision with the OC’s congressional delegation last Thursday.

    During the question and answer period she looked even worse. The question from the audience:

    “Since Article 3 Section 2 of the US Constitution states that the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction in all cases affecting a State and since President Barack Hussein Obama sued the state of Arizona in Federal Court, should he therefore be impeached for the unconstitutional lawsuit”?

    All Loretta could do was to stare at the table and say “NO”.

    I don’t know why the OC Register did not inform its readers by printing the question. The OC Register wasted 1 & 5/8 column inches sort of talking about the question? (Local, Friday Aug 27 page 2).

    There was no video on the Q&A from the audience.

  2. art lomeli
    August 28, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    You are obviously anti Democratic and will spin everything to fit your agenda.

    Your post is your opinion ,how you see it through your polarized mind. Loretta unpolarized the issue of border from Mexican to a world issue.

    Loretta pointed out that Irish illegal immigration is an issue for the sake of argument at the level of Hispanic illegal immigration.

    Congressman Miller’s brilliant assessment is “I don’t hear Irish spoken at the local construction sites”.

    This remark is a window into the mind set of the Republican members at the table and their supporters. What a ignoramus remark….”Irish not being spoken at the construction sites”. I believe the Irish speak English. Similarly the Mexicans do not speak Mexican , We speak Spanish and the USA speaks English not American.

    So, I believe Loretta spoke very intelligently where as the others spoke political right wing conservative rhetoric that will not solve the illegal immigration issue.

    “There was no video on the Q&A from the audience.” More the reason not to consider your biased opinion on your interpretation of the Q&A.

    • August 29, 2010 at 3:09 am

      Does Loretta mean:
      I often hear this chant.

      Is Loretta Sanchez an Internationalist:

  3. art lomeli
    August 30, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Loretta means I believe:

    Comprehensive immigration reform.

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