Sean Mill in his own words

Sean Mill  has an interesting post on the Orange Juice blog last night calling for a return to civility at Santa Ana city council meetings.  One quick note, Claudio Gallegos was informed prior to the post going up by Art Pedroza, who texted Claudio to give him a “heads-up.” Sean has been on a jihad lately against Council member David Benavides attempting to use a “guilt by association” to link Benavides to political enemies of the Ornage Juice blog.  It’s fascinating to watch Sean cast himself as this principled community activist when privately he acts like a thug, threatening people with physical violence, threatening to send known gang members to the homes of his political enemies, contacting employers to seek the termination of employment for his enemies.

Sean has little tolerance when others play the same game against him by his rules.  We contacted Sean’s employer, a title company in Irvine, to find out if he was using the resources of the company to access public records of his political enemies which would be an unethical use of the access his company pays for.  The company would not state that Sean has used the company’s resources to track down Harry (“Harish” Sean called him) Sidhu’s deed information, but did say they have spoken with him about not blogging from work.  And while Sean’s posts seem to be filed before or after the business day begins, comments on OJ, NewSantaAna and FFFF show Sean continues to post all day long.  Either that, or he has an unbelievably flexible “break” schedule.  Sean says his work is off limits but has had no trouble writing a posts mentioning several of Dan’s clients which are also private sector companies (and he did this before anyone from this blog contacted his employer).

But back to Sean’s post on OJ last night.  Sean wrote:

“Last night was not the first time that Gallegos has demonstrated anti-social behavior at a city council meeting.  Earlier this year as I stood talking to a fourteen year old girl and her mother at a city council meeting being held at the police department Gallegos walked up and told me to go f@$k yourself  The mother and daughter were left disgusted and shocked as Gallegos walked away snickering with his pals Mike Tardif and Thomas Gordon.  And at the second meeting in July Gallegos approached Art Pedroza and myself muttering something vile.

This kind of stuff must be stopped.  How long before we have Gallegos melting down, disrupting meetings and trying to attack folks like he did at the NUFF forum in Fullerton?  Judging from the dillusional and paranoid unsolicited emails, texts and phone calls from Gallegos I think the bigger and more serious question is, when does Claudio Gallegos become Santa Ana’s version of Dan White?”

Let’s go back to the NUFF forum shall we. There was Sean, sitting by himself in the front row as Matt Cunningham was addressing a charge from Art Pedroza, muttering low enough to be heard, “Shut Up Matt! Shut Up Matt,” with building rage.  At Chris Norby’s Assembly election victory party (what’s a good Democrat doing at a Republican canddiate’s event, Sean?), he practically challenged Cunningham to a fist fight. Below is Matt’s account of the event:

Sean Mill, who earlier this year “resigned” from the Santa Ana Planning Commission, accused blogger Claudio Gallegos of trying to “intimidate” CD47 candidate Ceci Iglesias. I had to do a double take because this is the same hot head who, in classic school yard bully style, was trying to physically intimidate me at the Norby election night party by, among other things, threatening to break my neck.

Sean habitually complains about things that happen to him that he has already done himself.  We have a joke about it in two words: “It’s different.”  When Sean threatens someone via text or email, “it’s different.”  When Sean calls an employer, “it’s different.” When Sean bullies a commissioner or a resident, “it’s different.”  In Sean’s world, there’s one set of rules for him and another for everyone else.

Sean is very quick to point out he resigned his city commission.  The truth is, he was offered the same deal as Tish Leon.  He resigned or he was going to be fired from the commission.  By honoring Sean, who has a track record of hateful speech, Sal Tinajero and others on the Santa Ana City Council did exactly the same thing Council member Benavides did in honoring the Friends of the Library.  If the Benavides case, frequently referrred to by Sean as “Benavides Hater-gate,” then by judging Sean Mill by his own words as we do below, do we apply the double-standard of “Tinajero Hater-gate?” Doesn’t the same thing also exist?

Editor’s Note: This commentary is posted under “Editorial Staff” because has contributions from Claudio, Dan, and Chris. We’ve all seen the emails, the texts and heard the words whispered or growled by Sean to us at our backs so only we could hear. 

On February 5th, 2008, the voters of Santa Ana passed an ordinance establishing a Code of Conduct for the members of the City Council and their appointed commissioners. This ordinance required the officials and their appointees to treat people, particularly Santa Ana residents with respect. Current OJ Blogger and former Planning Commissioner Sean H. Mill was a proponent of this. Yet you would never know it the way he has treated others, particularly his perceived political opponents and their families, trying to get people fired from their employment, threatening Santa Ana residents with gang violence, the list goes on.

As a results of his behavior, many residents, and even some political insiders throughout the county felt Sean’s behavior was unbecoming of a city official. Sean uses a number of ways to communicate what many consider to be threatening messages including emails and text messages.  It’s hard to distinguish the person who professes to want to improve Santa Ana with a person acting like a schoolyard bully.

We decided to allow Sean’s words to speak for themselves. Here are statements from e-mails and text messages that detail his outrageous stunts and allow you to decide whether or not this was behavior becoming of a Planning Commissioner for the City of Santa Ana. The messages were received by Claudio Gallegos, Chris Prevatt, Phil Baccera and even Matt Cunningham.  Our apologies for the language.

No “threats” here Matt.  You should just stick to fucking with the payaso’s you’re used to fucking with.

One day your mouth is gonna write a check your ass can’t cash.  Play the kiddie games with Art and the rest of them.  I don’t have time for the shenanigans.

You sure are quick to call the police.  I guess that’s because you are a “pussy”.

I see u and the other losers behind Pedrozabot like posting photos of Hoa’s campaign workers. Maybe they should stop by and see you so you can take a new photo

Hey Matt go fuck yourself. You haven’t seen my temper and I doubt you want to.
I am not a pussy like your friends Bacerra and Gordon, so move on. You’re a slimy little fuck and your pals are a bunch of cowards. Now want don’t you run along and get Mr. Lewis his hot cocoa before he goes to bed.

If we want to continue this battle than so be it. I am more than happy to kick Prevatt and Claudio i the teeth. I don’t like them and it will bring me joy to do so.

Tell Phil hello and that “Youngster” from KPC can’t wait to finally meet him.

Dan those fellas are some grade A pussies. They don’t have the balls to run their mouths to my face

I see you put another piece-of-shit article in the Weekly about Ted Moreno (“No Sex! Alleged Lies? Videotape?” Sept. 18). I know you and your little queer art friends have it in for Ted, but this is yellow journalism at its worst. This is just ridiculous. If you and the rest of your little queer buddies are going to make attacks on Ted, well, go ahead.

Sean H. Mill closed his commentary yesterday with the following:

I call upon the city council to staff the meetings with more uniformed officers.  Perhaps a larger police presence will quell this bad behavior and send a message to those that can’t seem to control themselves that their bad behavior will no longer be permitted. A night in the Santa Ana jail might just aid in this learning process.

It is absurd to suggest that placing more uniformed police officers in the Council Chambers will encourage public participation. It is absurd to suggest that people who speak out against the council be threatened with jail if they do not adhere to arbitrary and undefined rulse that in and of themselves inhibit freedom of speech. If there is a need for more police officers to protect anyone, it is because of Sean H. Mill’s own threatening and bullying behavior. Behavior, which I might add, that Councilman Sal Tinajero has recognized as a positive example for Santa Ana residents to follow.

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  1. Steve
    August 18, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    This has nothing to do with “bad behavior” in Council chambers and everything to do with silencing critics in an election season. To these people, improving Santa Ana means playing these ridiculous political games.

  2. August 19, 2010 at 6:07 am

    There you go spreading falsehoods again Sean Mill.

    I won’t call you a liar, because that would not be civil.

  3. Howard be my name
    August 19, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Who cares?

    The guy is not a public figure. Why do you give him an audience? There are a few hundred people who know Sean. A thousand at most. Of those, maybe 10% are interested in this nutcase. Is this a blog for all of Orange County or just the in-crowd at Drinking Liberally?

    I suppose you think Sean is sort of an Orly Taitz character, and posts about him will draw readers. Well, I’ve got news for you: they won’t. Sean may be as unbalanced and weird as Taitz but he’s nowhere near as interesting.

    A lot of good work goes into this blog with reporting on the Santa Ana, Westminster, and Garden Grove circuses. You drag it all down when you post this childish stuff.

  4. August 19, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Howard, Unfortunately sometimes you have to lance a boil before it becomes a festering wound.

  5. Just the facts
    August 19, 2010 at 9:49 am

    Orly Taitz is funny crazy. Sean Mill is dangerous crazy.

  6. August 19, 2010 at 10:50 am

    Howard — like it or not, Sean seems to have influence over the Santa Ana city council. And he puts on a good public face, but behind the scenes, it gets ugly. Exposing Sean hypocrisy is fair game

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