LA Times: Restore Gay Marriage Until Appeals Court Rules

With both the Governor and AG already speaking out in favor of restoring Gay Marriages in the Golden State, the LA Times is also calling for a resumption of same-sex nuptuals. 

From the editorial: “Once Walker handed down his ruling, gay and lesbian weddings became constitutionally protected, at least until a higher court decides otherwise. His ruling should go forward in the absence of any compelling reason to delay.

What would qualify as a compelling reason? Tangible harm to others would give the court reason to pause, and supporters of Proposition 8 argue that such harm would occur because same-sex marriages would weaken the institution of marriage. Or the state could have a strong interest in halting the process if there would be enormous government costs in gearing up for weddings that could later be undone by a higher court. But as Walker’s opinion makes clear, proponents of Proposition 8 “presented no reliable evidence that allowing same-sex couples to marry will have any negative effects on society or on the institution of marriage.”

In the same paragraph, Walker found that “the process of allowing same-sex couples to marry is straightforward, and no evidence suggests that the state needs any significant lead time to integrate same-sex couples into marriage.” Indeed, on Friday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown endorsed immediate resumption of same-sex weddings, saying that state and county governments already had worked out the logistics.”

So, what’s the hold up already?  Imagine the shot in the arm gay weddings will have on our economy.