DeVore Apologizes to Don Henley; Settles Lawsuit

Hand it to State Rep. Chuck DeVore; he manned up and apologized to musician Don Henley over the unauthorized use of Henley’s songs to go after Senator Barbara Boxer,  The New York Times is reporting that the apology was part of the settlement the politican reached with the artist (I can’t call Chuck a lawmaker because I don’t recall a single law he’s passed).

From the story: “In June, Judge James V. Selna of United States District Court in Santa Ana, Calif., sided with Mr. Henley on his claim. In a statement Mr. DeVore and Mr. Hart apologized to the musicians, saying: “The court’s ruling in this case confirms that political candidates, regardless of affiliation, should seek appropriate license authority before they use copyrighted works. Further, we regret all inaccurate, derogatory or disparaging remarks made about Mr. Henley during the course of this dispute.”

So if DeVore gets hired as a talk show host on KFI Radio in Los Angeles, whch Don Henley song might be use for his introduction or as a lead in from station breaks?  Readers, your suggestions please….