ComicCon Attendees Protest Possible Move to Anaheim

(c) 2010,

The 2010 San Diego ComicCon has come to a close. My shoulders are bruised from carrying a heavy backpack and my wallet is lighter. And I wound up nearly stepping in goat poop from a small demonstration outside the San Diego Convention Center protesting a possible move of the hugely popular ComicCon to Anaheim.

A person dressed as Captain America and another person dressed in a skunk costume holding signs and a tether with a goat screaming “Don’t Goat to Anaheim” in both English and Spanish. 

The guy got some laughs from the crowd but a number people nearly stepped in goat poop getting around the guy.

But based on the buzz in the hall, it looks like ComicCon’s future has come down to San Diego vs. Anaheim (which surprises me since the LA Convention Center is huge, has the entire LA Live area and lots of hotels nearby).  Securing ComicCon would be an economic atomic bomb for Orange County every Summer.

More pictures from the event below.

The Soup Nazi does ComicCon

"hung" actor Thomas Jane