State Workers Behind Immigration List

Earlier this week in Utah, a list of 1,300 people with their personal addresses, social security numbers and family memebers were sent out to media outlets, law enforcement agencies and other random targets. This got the state of Utah to investigate. It turns out two state employees who work in the department that issues food stamps and other social services are behind the list. You can read the story HERE.

They claim they did the actions to expose law breakers, even though it is coming out that some on the list are here in this country LEGALLY. At the same time these two persons are breaking the law themselves. They pledge to keep private the records of those who file for social services and broke the law under the guise trying to enforce it. What I am finding is an attitude from anti-immigrant activists that certain laws don’t apply to them. Recently, while driving on the I5 near San Juan Capistrano, I saw a man with all sorts of anti-immigrant stickers on his care talking on the cell phone without a hands free device. So what part of “it is illegal to hold the phone and drive” did he not understand.

And of course anti-immigrant activists seem to think they are above the law when it comes to committing murder, just ask Brisenia Flores. Oh wait, you can’t because she was murdered by the same anti-immigrant activists who attend tea party rallies and the same anti-immigrant activists who sent out that list.

What is of greater concern is there is a public employee in Orange County who is very active in the anti-immigrant movement, Lupe Moreno. She works for the Health Care Agency and has access to a lot of records. Now I am not advocating for her being fired, everyone needs to make a living, even scumbags like her. But I do want to bring it to the public’s attention, and to the County Board of Supervisors. Will the County Board of Supervisors keep tabs on her to make sure she does not abuse her authority and violate the privacy of thousands of Orange County residents? Since all five are Republican, and two in particular(Moorlach and Nelson) are known allies of Lupe Moreno, I am concerned they will allow her to pull what was done in Utah.

So if a list goes out like in Utah, here in Orange County, well folks, we all know who to blame.