Register Caption Calls Irvine “a Little Sandox of Horrors”


Maybe Frank Mickadeit needs to spend more time in that primate cage at the Santa Ana zoo.  It seems every election cycle, Mickadeit writes a column about some up and coming conservative Republican politican who is going to go in an knock the Agranista’s out of power.  His column on Mayor candidate John Duong took Mike Ward out of the Mayor’s race against Beth Krom and Irvine voters sent Krom to the Mayor’s chair in spite of the opposition of a candidate with lots of out of town money. 

Mickadeit is clearly unhappy with the slate of Republicans who’ve pulled papers for Irvine city council and those who haven’t but should have.

Mickadeit laments on State Rep. Chuck DeVore’s decision to not enter the Irvine mayor’s race and GOP activist and freelance Register columnist Adam Probolosky reports that former council member Greg Smith won’t run either.  So it appears Jeff Lalloway is the best the Republicans have to offer in Irvine, and mind you, even Christina Shea wouldn’t back Lalloway’s proposal to give $5 million to IUSD (to which I wonder why Lalloway wasn’t offering the entire $20 million from the city to cover the budget shortfall) in a shameless effort to pander to parents when what we really need is action and change by our representation in Sacramento (how about a parcel tax Jeff?).

From Frank’s column:

Few Irvine Republicans were more interested in DeVore entering the race than Jeff Lalloway , who is running for one of the open council seats. Lalloway could well win and join Steven Choi in the anti-Agran faction on the council. But the two would still comprise the minority if Kang and Agran also win and rejoin Beth Krom to burn through another hundred million or so of Great Park funding in furtherance of the Forde & Mollrich Full Employment Act of 2005.

That’s why DeVore is key: It will take someone with big name I.D. and the ability to raise money to knock off Kang, and DeVore is one of the few in Irvine who has both. But one can see that Irvine mayor is a step down from the Assembly (where he’s termed out) or the U.S. Senate (which he missed out on when he lost the nomination June 8).

Frank fails to mention Chuck is still trying to pay off legal fees associated with his court loss to Don Henly over song parodies. 

Particularly troubling about Frank’s attitude on Irvine is the caption to the photo with DeVore that accompanies the story: “So maybe John & Ken wouldn’t come out to cover a Chuck DeVore run for mayor of Irvine — on the other hand, maybe they would. But DeVore says he’s not going to play in the Agran’s little sandbox of horrors this fall.”

There was a time in the newspaper business when copyeditors wrote headlines and captions; and we’re not sure who exactly penned this little gem, but Irvine, the safest city in American six years running and 22nd best place to live in the US according to Money Magazine is a “little sandbox of horrors?”  So did Frank write this?  I’ll vote yes.  And if he did, he’s clueless.

Frank’s latest outrage has to do with a lack of soccer fields at the Great Park.  I’m a former AYSO commissioner and coach; I referee now (and those black knee socks are fetching); and my daughter still plays on a U-11 team.  But I for one don’t want to see a soccer field laid down and used at the Great Park until the Navy cleans the soil for said soccer fields because it’s the Navy’s obligation to do so.  Perhaps Frank ought ot be asking the Navy how their remediation of the soil is coming along?  Or will we see a column about how youth soccer players are playing games on toxic soil.  I’ve been led to believe this sort of cleanup takes years, not months.

So, when it comes to the Great Park, I beieve patience is a virture here.  It’s not going to be built overnight or over the course of a year.  It’s certainly not like the instant gratification of say, getting your nose hairs waxed at a men’s salon. 

If Irvine is a sandbox of horrors, Frank, stay out of it. 

Irvine’s budget, services and quality of life are the envy of most every city in Orange County.  And the only balls in his column are the ones the kids play with during soccer season.

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  1. Ltpar
    July 18, 2010 at 5:15 am

    Next to Register columnist, Adam Probolsky, the blowhard Republican power broker (in his own mind), Frank Mickadeit is my next least favorite. Usually his column is so boring it puts me to sleep. I have to admit though, Frank did make a few good points in his most recent commentary. It must have been good, because I stayed awake.

    Frank was on point with his remarks about Chuck Devore being needed to head the Conservative slate of Council Candidates in Irvine. With Christina Shea and Greg Smith bowing out, the only people left are “No Names” with little or no local community recognition. The only exception to this rule, although for the wrong reason is, Jeff Lalloway of the “Let’s Make A 5 Million Dollar Deal,” show before the Irvine School Board. If this action by Lalloway demonstrates conservative Republican Party ideals and values, then it becomes clear why the Tea Party Movement broke away from the Party. That said, looking at options, Jeff Lalloway would with reservation be my choice over King Larry of the Agranistas. The candidate rumored to be filing against Sukhee Kang for Mayor, is another nice guy. However, with no name regognition and certainly not the kind of money needed to compete with the Agranista money machine, he is kind of offering himself up for sacrifice, which I can relate to While understanding and respecting Chuck Devore wanting to take a break from politics, it without a question is a major loss to the Conservatives. It pretty much guarantees an Agranista sweep. Sad times indeed, but not for you?

    Dan, was surprised to read your comments about the soil at the Great Park. After years of hearing Agran and Krom tell us how safe it was with all the pollutants having been removed by the Navy, I guess the rumors were true after all. If the soil is bad, how is that going to impact Lenner building and selling thousands of homes to unsuspecting buyers? If you do you usual masterful spin job for the Agranistas, you can probably convince voters that supporting the Agranista Green Initiative, will cause Larry’s magic wand to be waved and all bad soil will instantly disappear.

    As a resident of Irvine for the past thirty five years, like you Dan, I am proud of the beautiful and safe community is has developed into. It most definitely is not a “Sandbox of Horrors.” While not trying to speak for Frank Mickadeit, I took that comment to mean Chuck Devore not being interested in playing in the “political arena (sandbox)” with Larry Agran and not meaning the community in general. Keep spinning Dan, it will be a long election season.

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    July 18, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Pat — the soil cleaning process is an ongoing one. Parts of the park are completely safe and I just don’t know about the areas where soccer fields are supposed to go. But again, this is the Navy’s responsibility. As the parent of a player, I want to make sure that soil is fine before that first goal is scored.

    As far as spin goes Pat, you really ought to give it a try yourself. Under the progressives in charge, the size of Irvine’s government in relation to population growth has shrunk, services are exceptional, the city has a vibrant economy that is helping to weater tought times, our schools are great and our streets are safe. Home values remain high.

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