Remaining OC ballot count moving slowly, not much change.

I wrote yesterday afternoon about 36.5% of the primary ballots cast remaining to be counted in Orange County. At the close of Tuesday the Registrar of Voters had counted 12,146 of the remaining  182,061 ballots, a little less than 10% of the total. All of the ballots counted were Vote by mail, the provisional and paper ballots have not been counted as yet. So far, the new numbers do not show much change.

In the 70th Assembly race for the GOP nomination, Don Wagner’s lead over Steven Choi slipped by 19 votes. In the Board of Education 2nd District contest David L. Boyd expanded his lead by 122 votes. Phu Nguyen increased his lead over Joe Dovinh in the 68th Assembly contest for the Democrats.

You can view all the current OC results here.