Beth Krom Gets Some Love from Prominent National Progressive Blog is one of my favorite websites and was my inspiration to start political blogging.  And while doing my daily trolling, I came across this post about Beth Krom that effectively introduces her to the rest of Progressive America.

They love Beth!  Here’s why:

Beth is exactly the kind of candidate we would like to see replacing a careerist clown and partisan hack like (Rep. John) Campbell.  He is profoundly anti-environmental, yet represents one of the most beautiful stretches of seacoast in America. Thus Campbell is every irresponsible developer’s fondest dream. Beth has a very different vision for Orange County and for America.

As we experience the “shock and awe” that has gripped the nation in the wake of the worst offshore oil spill in human history, it’s important to consider that our thirst for oil has led to policies that place our entire ecosystem at risk.

When everything is out of balance, we feel the effects on a daily basis. An economy out of balance, a health-care system out of balance and a planet out of balance, reflect public policies that are out of balance. There are no perfect solutions, but ignoring our problems will only lead to greater challenges in the future.

Politics is not about the black and white, it’s about the thousand shades of gray. It takes smart, courageous politicians to advance the kind of policies that will inspire change and help to move our country forward.

We think Beth can win and we think she’ll bring a tremendous improvement to Congress and to Orange County is she does. If you can, please consider giving her a hand at the Blue America ActBlue page.

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  1. Eric Cooper
    June 6, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Well Beth Krom certainly knows how to promote herself. She must have had some good advice from Dan

  2. Ltpar
    June 7, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Yep, Dan the Man, you kind of stepped on it, with this promotion. It’s a good thing the average voter doesn’t read the Liberal O.C., or they would be chuckling along with the rest of us. Using the title “Getting Some Love” would have been ok, if you hadn’t used a photo of Beth (an honorable person) with the greatest philanderer in American history. The only photo you could have used in Orange County that would have been worse was one of Beth and Obama. If you had captured one of Beth with Sara Palin, now that would get you some votes. Heck, I might even have voted for Beth myself as the car salesman is not one of my favorite politicians. Sorry to say Dan, but perhaps you should go back to skulking around Steven Choi’s apartment, you were much better at that. Best wishes in your new career as a “Private Eye.”

  3. Dan Chmielewski
    June 7, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Pat —
    Bill Clinton left office with a higher approval rating than Ronald Reagan did. He left office with a smaller government than the one he inheireted. He left office with a robust economy, a budget surplus, a world at peace and a legacy of creating millions of jobs. Bill Clinton proectect the environment, lowered crime rates by placing more police on the streets, and had a more impressive economic record than any president in history.

    As for skulking around Steven Choi’s home to document his voter fraud which led to his opponents doing more digging than I ever did, well some might call that journalism Pat. But then again, Dr. Choi used a man who has two credit card fraud cases and a home foreclosure pending against him to tout Choi’s “conservative” tax fighter values and that’s not even mentioning our lawsuit against Art Pedroza for cybersquatting, trademark/copyright infringement. Choi chose a man who deliberately redirected web surfers looking for my business to Pat…as a Law Enforcement officer, surely you hyave a strong opinion about NAMBLA – the organization that advocates legalized statutory rape of adolescent boys by adult men. And Art also redirect websurfers to gay porn sites. Does Dr. Chopi approve of these sort of things too?

    Like it or not Pat, I think Dr. Choi committed political suicide by aligning himself with Mr. Pedroza? Weren’t there any reputatble Republicans available for him Pat? And without Sukhee Kang on the ballot, I wonder how many Korean Americans are going to vote for Dr. Choi in a Redpublican primary; my understanding is a considerable number of Korean American voters in Irvine are Dems or DTS.

    Why don’t you read Beth’s responses to the live blog Q&A and comment on that.

    Sarah Palin? Please Pat. That woman is a doorknob who needs to write “tax cuts” on her hand to remember talking points.

  4. Ltpar
    June 8, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Dan, Steven Choi is very good at some campaign things; like securing financing and votes from the community and especially our Asian voters, doing the grunt work of door to door, handshaking and attending public events. At the same time, he is somewhat naive at other things, like hard ball politics including letting a guy like Art Pedroza get his nose under the campaign tent. Additionally, I think he received some very poor advice from his campaign consultant, especially on the change of residence thing. Even I could have provided better suggestions on changing his residence, since that was his intent. However, who am I to point a finger at Steven’s campaign practices, since he has won consistently and I have lost. I have to admit though, I was disappointed in his support and assistance to Team Irvine in 2008. Had Steven directed some of that Asian money/vote that he received toward Christina and myself, who knows what might have happened. Anyway, that is H2O under the bridge and I hold no grudges or regrets. My objective was to give the voters a option, which I did. They made their choice and that’s how the system works. End of story. I think however, when the votes are counted, later tonight, you might be surprised at how well Steven does.

    Dan, the reference to Sara Palin, was made with tongue in cheek and basically I have to agree with your analysis of her skills, or lack thereof. She was doing a good job in Alaska and should have continued on as Governor and let the “senile Senator” sink on his own.

    On your comments about Clinton, never thought I’d say it, but I wish Bill were driving the car today. Frankly, who cares how many girl friends he had on the side? At least the country wasn’t on the verge of bankruptcy. Even Hillary, as nasty as she is, would have been an improvement, over what is there now. Oh well, no sense crying over “spilled politics.” I just have to work twice as hard to keep my meager income from being redistributed by Obama’s little group.

    Hope you have a good election night, but not too much success? The real test will come in November. Best wishes.

    • June 8, 2010 at 9:41 pm

      Pat — thought we disagree and often, please know I respect your opinion and believe we agree on far more things than we disagree on. You have a good election night as well but, as you said, with not much success. Best wishes

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