The Sky is Falling on Shawn Nelson

The Sky Lounge in Brea that is.

Back about a month and a half ago, Dan Chmielewski wrote about an OC Register story which mentioned that Fullerton City Councilman and candidate for 4th District Board of Supervisors was the subject of a $285,000 fraud suit involving the Sky Lounge in Brea. At the time, the Orange County Register reported that Nelson said the allegations of fraud and breach of contract in the suit amount to a political shakedown.

“He wanted to stick a dagger in me, and he did,” Nelson said. “I think he roped me in there thinking I would put pressure on the other guys or be forced to deal with him. I think he was hoping with the suit to shake me down. I’m just not going to let him do it. The unfortunate thing is that anybody can file a lawsuit for any reason.”

The complaint also states that the defendants moved money around between Sky Lounge accounts, the accounts of separate businesses they owned and personal accounts.

Nelson said he had nothing to do with managing the Sky Lounge.

“I don’t know McLawhorn. I haven’t even set foot in the place since it’s been open,” Nelson said. “I sold him my stock in December of 2008.”

R. Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Council

Funny how in this April 14, 2010 article Shawn Nelson claims he has “nothing to do with managing the Sky Lounge.” Funny how he sold his stock in December of 2008.” It seems that Shawn Nelson either has selective memory, or he simply is incapable of telling the truth.

It isn’t like he could have forgotten his involvement with the business since on April 12th he confirmed he was sending over another rent check to the landlord.

In an Unlawful Detainer -Eviction filed on May 26, 2010, we have a starkly different picture than what Shawn Nelson would have us believe. The documents filed with the court reveal correspondence between the landlord and Nelson regarding the payment of rent in March and April of 2010. To top it off we have a check, written by Mr. Nelson on February 25, 2010 from his law firms operating account in the amount of $21,045.21 for back rent and legal fees owed by the establishment. The correspondence does not indicate a conversation between an attorney representing the leaseholder, rather, it indicates conversations with a person having real interest in the business.

Yep, that looks like Nelson's signature to me.

But hey, I’m not the most experienced in these things. maybe there is an explanation that Shawn Nelson can spin that explains what was going on. What is clear is that Shawn Nelson has been significantly involved in the business operations of the Sky Lounge in Brea; at least when it comes to paying some of the rent. Here is the link to the court documents referenced in this story. Judge for yourself if Shawn Nelson is telling the truth.

So that we are all on the same page, let’s recap some of Shawn Nelson’s memory lapses. First he claims that his law firm never sought criminal defendants like child molesters, then he admits to having tried to hide the fact he did so on his firms website. Second, he claims to not be seeking criminal clients, while he is actively seeking referrals from other law firms. And now we have Shawn Nelson telling us that he has nothing to do with the Sky Lounge in Brea, and we get court documents including emails and a $21,000 check that show a completely different story.

So what else is Shawn Nelson telling you that you shouldn’t believe?