Shawn Nelson: 8-25-09 “Sue my city please.”

R. Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Council

On August 25, 2009 Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson spoke before the Orange County Board of Supervisors regarding a settlement offer from the City of Fullerton related to the possible challenge of Fullerton’s expansion of its redevelopment area. Mr. Nelson had voted both against the expansion of the redevelopment area, and the settlement offered to the county.

In his remarks, Shawn Nelson tells the Board of Supervisors that he feels that they have the obligation to sue the city to block the redevelopment expansion and not accept the compensation for anticipated lost tax revenue that the city has offered.

“If you determine that the city (Fullerton) didn’t meet the legal blight finding (required), it is your duty to proceed to block it.”

Now there is nothing wrong with a member of a city council disagreeing with the majority vote of his council. It is however wrong for any elected official to encourage another government entity to sue the one he represents as a member of the City Council. Watch it for yourself, the video doesn’t lie. Just advance to the 3.07.20 time mark on the video.

What is further disturbing is that Mr. Nelson’s most ardent supporter in his effort to be elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Tony Bushala, is currently suing the City of Fullerton over that very issue. To add a bit of irony to Nelson’s plea to the Board on August 25th is the fact that he sits in on, and participates in, the closed session discussions of the city’s strategy related to Bushala’s suit.

Fullerton Agenda 5-18-10 (Closed Session)

Given Shawn Nelson’s willingness to violate the confidentiality of such closed session meetings for political gain, as demonstrated in August of 2008 here, does anyone have any doubt as to whether the city’s strategy related to the lawsuit is being communicated back to his pal Bushala?

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  1. Claudio Gallegos
    June 2, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    We know from pictures that Shawn Nelson is a regular guest at the home of Tony Bushala. What is even more interesting is what I overheard the night of the NUFF Forum. After Chris “KImbo Slice” Thompson tried to challenge Thomas Gordon to a UFC match, Shawn approaches Tony, Travis Kiger and Chris Thompson and Tony asks if Shawn would be joining them for an after forum refreshment. Shawn says he was and would only have time for one drink.

    This is not just some Fullerton residents who he is meeting with. He is cavorting with these fiends. Imagine him on the Board of Supervisors, he would be letting Tony Bushala have the run of the 5th Floor, and that jerk would have no qualms about using that power against anyone he perceived as an enemy. Or having Chris Thompson wandering around the halls threatening to fight anyone that looked at Shawn Nelson cross-eyed. The thought is scary.

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