More Mail on Nelson from OCEA

This is the latest mailer from OCEA, again targeting Nelson’s efforts to hide the solicitations his firms made for criminal defendants, namely accused sex offenders. The mailer highlights the position of the victim rights organization Crime Victims United of California.

A few days ago Red County publisher Chip Hanlon tried to paint this organization as a shell organization that does not really represent the interests of crime victims in California. Not only is that not true, it is a gross insult to the dozens of crime victims and their families who are actively involved with the organization. Chip should get his facts straight. Just because OCEA political action committees use the accounting and legal services of a legal advisor to CVUCA, does not mean that the organization is run by an OCEA lobbyist. In fact, Wayne Ordos is not a lobbyist, he is an attorney who provides account management services for many political groups across the state.