Hieu Lies 2.0

Hugh Nguyen

I figured I would write a short follow up to my previous post about the stories, exaggerations, and lies of Hieu “Hugh” Nguyen who is running for Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

On Mr. Nguyen’s campaign website he touts his “PROMOTION” to a position with the Clerk of the Board.

Hugh started working at the Orange County Clerk-Recorder’s Office under Clerk-Recorder Gary Granville in 1994.  Hugh worked in that office for over 12 years, rising to become the Chief Deputy Recorder and serving in that capacity for 8 years.  Hugh was promoted in 2006 to the position of Assistant Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, where he is currently employed.

Dictionary.com defines a promotion as an advancement in rank or position. That seem ather straight forward. In order to call something a promotion, you need to be advanced in rank or position.

When Hieu Nguyen accepted his position with the Clerk of the Board, he was Chief Deputy Clerk-Recorder holding the county management position classification of and Administrative Manager I. In his new position with the Clerk of the Board, he held the same job classification of Administrative Manager I. His title of Assistant Clerk of the Board of Supervisors came later. While it is likely that he received a nominal salary increase, which is customary in such transitions, his move can hardly be called a promotion. I wouldn”t be surprised if he supervised more people as a Chief Deputy Clerk-Recorder than he does as and Assistant Clerk.

On his website, Heiu Nguyen talks about “Leadership, Experience, and Integrity.”  I see now why he left out “Honesty.”