Rizio & Nelson Desperately Seeking Referrals of Criminal Defense Clients

At the same time Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson was admitting to the Orange County Register that his firm had sought criminal defense clients by purchasing an array of web domain addresses to direct potential clients to his firm, Nelson was seeking client referrals from other attorneys.

This mailing to law firms across Southern California hit at the very time (last week) Nelson was telling OC Register reporter Jennifer Muir that he had scrubbed those web domains and the corresponding web pages when he learned of them. He claims his firm doesn’t represent criminal defense for more than “small potatoes offenses and that the web pages were simply for the purpose of generating Google search hits.”

Read his mailer and see what you think. Page 1 and Page 2.

I recognize the importance of defense attorneys to our system of justice. People accused of crimes should be able to get good representation to secure their defense against criminal charges. As I wrote back a couple months ago, Shawn Nelson should be proud of the work he does, He should not be doing everything he can to conceal his work, or the work of his law firm to defend those accused of crimes.