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Orange County Employees Association IEC (OCEA) has this mailerthat they dropped in the 4th District Supes  race. It focuses again on the efforts of R. Shawn (we call him “B.S.”) Nelson to conceal the type of work that his law practice does. Nelson is managing partner for Rizio & Nelson. The law firm focuses on personal injury (ambulance chasing) and criminal defense (I am sure they probably do some other stuff as well). “B.S.” Nelson has recently tried to paint himself as a personal injury attorney in an attempt to distance himself from the criminal defense work that he and his firm perform.

Clearly through his work in the criminal defense arena, Nelson should know that you can run, but you can never hide.

Here is the link to the full mailer.

  3 comments for “More Mail on Nelson’s Law Practice

  1. Dan Chmielewski
    May 22, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Why is Nelson so afraid to tell people what he does for a living?

  2. Rabid Nelson supporter
    May 23, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Dan, it’s simple. Nelson wants to — and deserves — to be elected. He is a hardcore, noble, and fellow Christian conservative. I would appreciate it if you stop telling people the truth about him.

    He is needed on the Board of Supervisors because God is very forgiving towards sex offenders and Shawn has told me that he wants to loosen the county laws against them so that people like John Gardner can get off easy. I mean, I forgive them. John Gardner isn’t a bad guy… just misunderstood, and Shawn Nelson understands this.

    Don’t you have any compassion for those who break the law? I do. and so does Shawn Nelson. The only people who he doesn’t like breaking the laws are illegal, dirty mexicans because they are an inferior race and Nelson understands this too. But that’s okay because everybody else doesn’t like mexicans either. Nelson would like to deport Claudio. I mean… who likes people like Claudio? Nelson doesn’t!

    So stop going after Nelson! We need him on the Board of Supervisors!

  3. Cynthia Ward
    May 24, 2010 at 8:22 am

    This sort of stuff is ignorant, and beneath you guys-or at least beneath the standard I gave you credit for. Did you know that the public employees unions used photos of Anaheim homes that had NOTHING to do with sex offenders? I recognized the homes, they are near mine, and I checked Megan’s Law website. Then someone gave a copy of the mailing to one of the residents there, and they were HORRIFIED. Can you imagine opening your mail and seeing your own home depicted in an ad referencing sex offenders? What kind of people victimize the innocent to make a political point? As far as Shawn Nelson representing scum, I have put out a challenge on Red County that has never been collected. Bring me an actual case number of Shawn Nelson being involved in this type of defense, and I will make a $100 donation to the candidate of your choice, and yes that includes Lorri Galloway. Oddly enough I made a similar challenge during Galloway’s re-election in 2008, bring me proof she graduated from CSUF and I will make the same donation to her. All it takes is a copy of her Degree, that ought to be easy. But nobody ever collected on that.

    Shawn Nelson defends people in trouble, true. I would think that liberals would be thrilled to back someone who defends the rights of the accused, but I guess that is not noble work unless you work for the ACLU. Meanwhile both Sidhu and Galloway have needed to HIRE defense lawyers in their pasts, with Galloway defrauding her own husband’s aunt out of her home while she was dying of cancer! And yes I do have the court docs to prove that charge!

    I would rather back a defense lawyer than a defendant any day of the week!

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