Lon Hurwitz – Not your typical Judicial Officer

Commissioner Lon Hurwitz

I recently had the opportunity to meet Superior Court Commissioner Lon Hurwitz, and after meeting him I was left with the distinct impression that Lon is not your typical Judicial Officer. Amicable, lively, and hyper-intelligent, Lon is a man with the ability to tell you much about his history and judicial experience, as well as how he has fought against domestic violence, without leaving you with an intense feeling of boredom that is all too common with aspiring elected officials. He is so friendly and likable, that even the infamous Colony Rabble, aka Anaheim Colony District Politico Cynthia Ward, opined on her pleasant encounter with Commissioner Hurwitz over on RedCounty.com.

Lon Hurwitz is running for Superior Court Judge, seat 50 against flip-flopper Julian Bailey. Julian was a Democrat for over 20 years before he switched parties to try to help his electoral prospects. I don’t really blame him, if I had an opponent like Hurwitz, I’d be worried too.

Lon states on his website that he is the only Judicial Officer in Orange County assigned exclusively to handle only Domestic Violence cases and was appointed by the Chief Justice to serve as the Judicial Council Liaison to the State Domestic Violence Task Force.  As far as experience goes Lon states that he has heard and ruled in over 4,000 Domestic Violence Hearings, and over 5,000 requests for emergency domestic violence and elder abuse restraining orders.

He has an impressive resume that is supplemented by a deluge of Democratic Leadership, including Senator Joe Dunn (Ret.), Asm. Jose Solorio, Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly, Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, Costa Mesa City Councilmember Katrina Foley, and many others.

I rarely pay attention to races in the judiciary, but Lon is a very impressive candidate, and I urge all our readers to give Lon Hurwitz your most serious consideration. You can find out more about Lon Hurwitz at his website, www.lonhurwitzforjudge.com.