Phu Nguyen Mail Bag, and a little bagging on Dovinh

Phu Nguyen has dropped a mail piece in the 68th Assembly District in his bid for the Democratic Party nomination. It is a good introduction of Phu to the voters of the district covering his business and community leadership experience.

In somewhat related news, Martin Wisckol has a hillarious piece in the Register today titled The unusual and mysterious Joe Dovinh. Joe is Phu Nguyen’s opponent for the Democratic Party nomination in the 68th. As Dan Chmielewski and I have learned (HERE), Mr. Dovinh doesn’t take well to any critical review of who he is or what he claims. From Martin’s story:

Joseph "Joe" Dovinh

Assembly candidate Joe Dovinh’s reluctance to share basic information about himself and his criticism of me for asking basic questions spurred a previous post about his unusual behavior. But his persistence in avoiding additional basic questions and his subsequent email attack on me and my colleague Brian Josephhave succeeded in him capturing our attention beyond what is typical for a longshot candidate. (Given his opponent’s advantage in fundraising and endorsements, Dovinh is the underdog to receive the Democratic nomination, the winner of which will be the dark horse to beat the GOP nominee in November and replace outgoing Assemblyman Van Tran, R-Westminster.)

Dovinh had previously resisted giving me his date of birth, and refused to give me dates of various political posts he had listed in an email – saying, among other things, “(Y)ou seem to go overboard with details. You should respect a candidate’s preference to provide the information as they see fit. Please don’t compare me to what other candidates do…”

Dovinh voted for John McCain and was an unaffiliated voter until 2008, when he registered as a Democrat. He says he works as a court translator and a journalist. Joseph emailed him questions – something we might not satisfy ourselves with from a leading candidate in a high-profile race, but that’s not the case here. I was curious to see his response to Brian Joseph’s questions about him being a journalist. Brian asked:

“You seem to be involved in a number of media outlets as a journalist. I’d like to get a complete list of the publications and programs you’re involved with. My research shows you write an English language column for Vietstar called “New Voices,” you’re a host and anchorman for VHN and VAN TV, you host a legal show in Vietnamese and you have a new blog. Does that cover it all?”

Joseph "Homer" Doh!-vinh

Dovinh responded, “As an investigative reporter, you can do your own research on this subject.”

Note to Joe Dovinh, when asked a direct question by a reporter, it is best to give a direct answer rather than a snippy retort.

Read the rest of Martin’s story here, it is funny stuff.

Here is the link to our stories where Joe Dovinh is mentioned.

  1 comment for “Phu Nguyen Mail Bag, and a little bagging on Dovinh

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    May 19, 2010 at 2:55 am

    No, Chris. It’s not a joke, and there is nothing funny about a candidate who seriously spends money to put himself on the ballot. It’s your responsibility to bring forth the issues affecting the voters. You, Brian, and Martin have been too engrossed and excessively intrigued with Joe Dovinh’s confrontations that you have forgotten fair reporting and true reporting. You all have done an injustice to the voters by not reporting on the other candidates. For a person who is reluctant to share information about himself, Joe Dovinh has given the public the most information and detail as to his profession and political standing. We have ENOUGH information on Joe Dovinh. We want to know:

    What exactly does Phu Nguyen mean when he described his profession as “entrepreneur?” Is he an advisor or a manager to the Tet Festival? He has never made known to the public that he manages the Tet Festival! If Phu’s business is successful and able to loan him $100,000, then does he have any record reflecting that his business has generously made “major” contribution to any worthy organization in the 68th district? Also, what problems has Phu solved?

    What about Long Pham? How old is he? What’s his wife’s profession? When did he earn his doctorate? Did it take him 35 years? What’s his stand on gun control, immigration, and union dues being used for political purposes? What is his performance rating in his current elected position? How long has he been in the United States? Is English proficiency an issue with him?

    Alan Mansoor has not been a monsoon. Why? You, Martin, Brian did not write or enquire anything of him until recently? Was it your agenda to collect ad moneys and, at the same time, watch all the Viets duke it out? Ouch! (to the Viet’s). Has Alan ever been married? Did he quit the Sheriff‘s office? If yes, why did he quit, what’s his day job and main source of income? What’s Alan’s credential? AA? BA?

    All of you have left out soooo much in this race that it’s difficult to decide who is the right candidate. Chris, you, Brian, and Martin were too busy ganging up on Joe and “bashing” him that you started to appear amateur and he started to look good. He is the only candidate in OC history that has gone head to head with the press and is not afraid of being put in a bad light by the press for upholding his positions. If he has no problem standing up against the press, then he most likely will have the guts to stand up to the people in Sacramento. I think he’s holding up pretty well being over drilled/attacked by Chris, Martin, and Brian.

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