Signs out in Force in the Fourth

One of our readers emailed me about why we don’t do something that Red County does; namely post copies of signs or mailers from Democratic candidates for office.  Well, we will and we do, when the campaigns send them to us. 

Lorri Galloway’s campaign was the first to respond so we’re posting her signs here.  Just click the links. 



We’re also fielding calls from Lorri’s supporters in the Fourth who hate the Galloway “Union Puppet” signs available from our nameless friends on the Fullerton Friends blog.  I’ve encouraged them to comment about the signs over there, but we’ll offer a safe haven here for them to comment if they’d like.


Lastly, my daughter asked why Don Wagner’s signs for the AD-70 race all seem to have a George W. Bush-like logo.  She’s 10 and doesn’t follow politics but thought it was strange people would somehow want to associate with “W.”

And lastly, there’s Irvine city council candidate Yunis Aksoy who is running as sort of a non-partisan Democrat independent of the Kang/Agran slate.  While his heart is in the right place, he’s new to Irvine and I’m not sure he has a complete grasp on the issues that impact our city.  Aksoy also must think he’s in the primary next month as his lawn signs are already all over the city.  Save your cash for now Yunis and put them up after Labor Day.