Krentz Murder May Not Have Been Committed by an Illegal Immigrant

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that a reliable source within law enforcement is now saying the prime suspect in the murder of Rancher Robert Krentz may not be an illegal immigrant after all. You can read about it HERE. So the furor and outrage that led to the passage of SB 1070 may have all been fabricated by Fox News, who made the murder a national story and used very flimsy evidence that the murderer was an illegal immigrant trafficing drugs. This is a major case of “if you say it enough it becomes the truth.”

Turns out the only evidence that the murderer was a narcotics trafficer crossing illegally was a set of footprints leading away from the scene towards the Mexican border. And that the Sheriff of Cochise County helped perpetrate this possible lie. We will keep you all updated as this story develops. I am sure Fox News, The Lincoln Club and all the others who made Krentz their cause celebre against the “Mexican” threat will retract their stories if the truth surfaces that he was not murdered by an undocumented immigrant.

Even though it may turn out in the end that the so-called martyr for the anti-immigrant cause was not murdered by an illegal immigrant after all, we do know for sure that the Minutemen are child murderers. While their case against Mexican immigrants is falling apart, we do know the murder of Brisenia Flores was committed by Minutemen activists.