Has the OC Sheriff’s Race Narrowed?

I know it’s all Republicans running for the seat but dont forget, liberal, moderate, and decline to state voters get to have a say in the primary election for Sheriff this June.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Yesterday the consulting firm run by consultant John Lewis released a poll on the race showing that things have significantlly narrowed over the past several weeks. TheVoice of OC reports:

New Poll Shows Sheriff’s Race in Dead Heat

A new poll from Lewis Consulting shows that incumbent Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is locked in a dead heat with challenger Bill Hunt, a retired sheriff deputy.

Hutchens polled at 21 percent, followed closely by Hunt at 20 percent in a sampling of 400 voters taken between April 23-26. However, like the Voice of OC/Probolsky Research poll taken early in the month, the Lewis poll indicates a large block of undecided voters.

The Lewis poll did not release the percentage of undecided voters, nor did it segregate numbers for Anaheim Deputy Chief Craig Hunter.

Although John Lewis, the former state senator who runs Lewis Consulting, is not releasing the full poll numbers, the results could be seen as indicative of the impact of independent expenditures on the race. Read the rest of the story here.

UPDATE: The Voice of OC posted this follow-up story this morning: VoiceofOC: Trying to Crack the Lewis Poll Mystery


So who do you support for Sheriff?

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  2 comments for “Has the OC Sheriff’s Race Narrowed?

  1. roberternest
    April 30, 2010 at 9:51 am

    come on craig!

  2. Poogsdad
    April 30, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Granted the low participation in the survey does not represent a particularly large sampling. However, it is significant that 76% of the voters who did choose to participate, indicated they would vote for Craig Hunter.

    It is a good thing that the “Undecided Voters” are taking the time to get a better feel for the candidates and evaluate them on all the issues.

    When these voters have looked at all the candidates objectively and filtered out the facts from the hyperbole, it will be difficult to ignore the fact that Craig Hunter is overwhelmingly the best candidate for Orange County Sheriff.

    The restraint shown by the Undecided Voters indicates they are intelligent and understand the importance of electing the most competent and qualified candidate to be their next Sheriff.

    Those of us who have already made the decision to support Craig Hunter know he is the best candidate. I believe, the Undecided Voters, after looking at all the candidates objectively and considering the facts will come to the same decision we have.

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