CUSD Strike is Over

Heather Pritchard, Gary Pritchard and Melissa Fox on the picket lines - photo courtesy of Lou Delgado

We got this email about 5:15 this morning and the Register has more details here.  But read on, because there’s a complaint that verbage related to our coverage of this strike was inserted into a letter to the editor at the OC Register.  Now the Register does have a right to “edit” Letters to the Editor for brevity, (but anyone who reads them regularly knows accuracy is quite another issue).  We’ll contact the Register once to get to the bottom of this.

“It looks like a tentative agreement has been reached. we’re back in the classrooms today! I’ll know more when I get to take a close look at it, but we’re going into work. I’m sure its not a total victory, but after three days of striking, I suspect the board didn’t want to deal with any more angry parents!

Thank you again for your support.

By the way, you  may wish to call the OC Register on something. One of our teachers sent in a letter to the editor about the strike to them.

They put it up, but then inserted the words, “according to the OC Liberal.” she was right ticked. I suspect that was done to “liberalize” her letter. Here’s what she wrote to us: “Okay, so last night I forwarded to everybody a letter that I had written to the OC Register regarding the OC GOP Central Committee resolution denouncing the current recall movement.  So, about 30 minutes ago I decided to go to the to see if they had put my letter on line.  And there it was, in the Opinion section, along with other letters about the strike. 

But get this, the words “according to” have been inserted into my letter in the sentence where I mention that Tony and Jennifer Beall received a financial settlement from the current CUSD Board.  The OC Register actually edited my letter in a way that would reduce its credibility in the eyes of their conservative readership. 

They could have cited their very own article published on September 29, 2009, where they reported the Bealls’ financial settlement, but I guess that wouldn’t have had the same effect.”

 Interesting development for sure.

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  1. April 27, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Here’s the letter referenced on

    The GOP position

    I find it disturbing that near the end of Sunday’s article regarding the teachers strike in the CUSD you mentioned that the Orange County Republican Party’s Central Committee has denounced the current movement to recall two Board members, yet you ignored certain salient points regarding the resolution [“Capo Strike Watched throughout the state,” April 25].

    Your readers need to know that the current CUSD Board President, Anna Bryson, is a member of the OC GOP Central Committee and is the organization’s Assistant Treasurer.

    In addition, your own news article dated Feb. 17, 2010, reported that the Committee “passed the resolution (to denounce the recall) at the request of one of its members, Tony Beall, a Rancho Santa Margarita city councilman whose successful reform political movement helped bring the current seven Capistrano trustees to office.” Nowhere have you mentioned the fact that **according to** Tony Beall and his wife Jennifer (an alternate on the OC GOP CC) were among the recipients of a financial settlement made by the CUSD Board, the very same CUSD Board that the Bealls helped bring to office.

    With the above information readers may make a better evaluation of the merits of the OC GOP Central Committee’s position on the recall. They may in fact conclude that the Committee’s position is nothing more than political back scratching and has no merits at all.

    Melissa L. Hornacek

    Dana Point

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