Arizona Passes Anti-Immigrant Law, Now What!

The big story this past week is the passing of SB 1070 in Arizona, which essentially “criminalizes” being an illegal immigrant in the state of Arizona. Even Meghan McCain has condemned the new law.  Let’s call it what it really is, a free pass by the conservative, white dominated state legislature to turn all Latinos into second class citizens. The bill calls for police officers to check into immigration status based on “reasonable” suspicion. Problem is “reasonable” is NOT defined. What is a reasonable cause to suspect someone of being an illegal immigrant and stop them on that basis?

This leads to a question I have long asked of anti-immigrant activists. HOW DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE IS ILLEGAL JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM? I have yet to get a reasoned, thought out answer. Most of the time it is accusations I am playing the race card. But I ask the question to our conservative and tea bagger readers, HOW DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE IS ILLEGAL JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM? Congressman Brian Bilbray claims he can spot one by the way they are dressed. Really, I had no clue illegal immigrants had a specific dress code. Uh oh, he figured it out. I think we need to contact Lady Gaga to see if we can come up with some unique disguises for illegal immigrants.

Now lets take a look at the Arizona state legislature. This has to be one of the most reactionary legislature’s in the country. Remember their resistance to adopting Martin Luther King Day? That’s not their only act. In fact this psychotic State Legislature also just passed a bill that demands President Obama must show his birth certificate based on the much debunked conspiracy theory that President Obama was born in Kenya. But that is not the most shocking thing the Arizona State Legislature has done, in fact, in 2005 they actually turned down a bill that would make raping your spouse a crime.

Apparently until five years ago, if a husband raped his wife it was simply a misdameanor. Two state legislatures sought to change the law, and in 2004 IT WENT DOWN TO DEFEAT IN THE STATE HOUSE. A Republican controlled committee shot it down, with a female state legislator stating that their is an expectation by the husband for his wife to have sex with him when he demanded. That’s the conservative state legislature in Arizona for you. You can read about this HERE, and HERE. They passed it the second time around after a woman was brutally raped by her husband in Arizona in early 2005.

This is the Arizona state legislature for you. The Republican controlled legislature has approved of making Latinos second class citizens, claims President Obama is not a US Citizen (which I believe should qualify as treason), has said it is ok for husbands to rape their wives and that Martin Luther King Jr. is NOT a national hero. They are just one step away from putting Latinos into concentration camps, I better stop now, that just might give them the idea.

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  1. Robert
    April 30, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I wish you idiots would use the entire topic… ILLEGAL is always missing in your rants.. I find it hilarious that you morons have to lie, use tricks and make up parts of stuff to incite violence from your moron followers.. I really hope you get what you are trying to get…Get em all out on the streets, get to attack whitey..get em to wave the mexican flag all over the place.. I love it, it just helps the cause of fixing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION…

    But that’s alright, even your liberpuke buddies in the media wont be able to call the tea party racist or violent anymore… thanks liberpukes….keep up the good work

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