Voice of OC Poll Reveals Public Perception of Irvine’s Great Park

Great Park Ballon Ride - Photo: Violeta Vaqueiro

The Voice of Orange Countyhas released a poll today regarding public opinion about Ivines’s Great Park.The Voice of OC Poll shows that Orange County residents continue to have mostly negative opinions about Irvine’s 13,000-acre park despite millions being spent on public relations. Voice of OC’s Adam Elmahrek writes:

The city of Irvine spends $100,000 every month trying to improve the Great Park’s image. But positive vibes about the park, which backers hope one day will rival New York City’s Central Park, remain hard to come by, according to a Voice of OC/Probolsky research poll.

Negative responses to the question “please tell me what you know about the Great Park” outnumbered the positive by 61% to 39% in the poll of 326 likely voters this month. Dozens of respondents said “the park is not making progress.” Others described it as “wasteful” or a “bad idea.”

Such responses persist despite the fact that Irvine is paying the public relations firm Forde and Mollrich $2.4 million, by way of a no-bid contract, to promote it.

Click herefor the rest of Adam Elmahrek’s report and polling data on the Voice of OC.