CommieGirl goes to Cuba

We’ve been remiss in cross posting this outstanding story from LiberalOC pal Rebecca Schoenkopf, who traveled to the isle of Cuba for this first person account of life in a Communist nation just 90 miles from our coastline and home to some of the greatest baseball players in the world.

From her story:

“And Havana is so dreamy and beautiful and different—different from our homes, from anyplace we have been, and from how we thought it would be. It is massively crowded, 2.2 million people squashed into a city you could walk across in not so very many hours. People wait in bus lines of many dozen; occasionally a lady will stoop to scratch the ears of a stray dog, which are everywhere, small and scrawny and mellow, just hanging out on the curb waiting for a kindness. Rotating clinics bring them in for desexing and the occasional worming, and then set them free.”

By all means, read the rest of her piece.  Since the story doesn’t have all of the gorgeous photos Rebecca took, I’m posting a few of them her from her Facebook page (don’t hate me Rebecca…..).

And if you want a taste of Cuba, might I recommend Felix’s Restuarant in Orange Circle.  The Havana Restaurant in Costa Mesa is also pretty good, but the classic Cuban sandwiches at Felix’s are better.  When someone opens a Cuban bakery in OC, please let me know. Glendale is the closest place to get good Cuban bread.

  2 comments for “CommieGirl goes to Cuba

  1. Eric Cooper
    April 19, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Outstanding article! Now watch all the rightie flack that Dan will surely get over this

  2. jose s.
    April 20, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    she’s so ravashing.

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