Congresswoman Jane Harman beats back floor fight over party endorsement

Harman - Winograd

Congresswoman Jane Harman received about 86% of the votes from her district caucus for the CADem Party endorsement. Her primary challenger, Marcy Winograd managed to get enough signatures to challenge that endorsement on the convention floor. Long time OC Delegate Ray Cordova spoke in favor of local rule for party endorsement.

Congresswoman Jane Harman was able to fend off the challenge by Winograd and her supporters to keep the party endorsement. The vote was 599 to uphold Harman endorsement, 417 for Winograd.

Harman released the following statement to the media after the vote:

“My opponent’s attempt to thwart the will of Democrats from the 36th CD was correctly viewed as corruption of the process. I am pleased that the delegates from throughout the State have affirmed what the delegates who have worked with me and who know me best have decided.”