CA Dem Constitutional Office Endorsements

Gavin Newsom at CADem Convention

Here are the results from the Constitutional Office Endorcements from the CA Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles this weekend.

In the hottest contested race for Lt. Governor, neither candidate received the required 60% vote to get the party endorsement. Gavin Newsom received 52% of delegate vote. The CA Democratic Party will make no endorsement for Lt. Governor.

Asm. Dave Jones

In the contest for the Insurance Commissioner endorsement, Sacramanto Assemblyman Dave Jones got the party nod over Assemblyman Hector De La Torre.

While the race for Atttorney General is contested, none of the candidates requested the party endorsement. The CA Democratic Party will not be endorsing in that race.

Attorney General Jerry Brown received the endorsement for Governor. Senator Barbara Boxer was endorsed for U.S. Senate, Treasurer Bill Lockyer was endorsed along with Controller John Chiang.

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  1. Orange Reader
    April 18, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Newsome was not going to ask for an endorsement, Hahn pushed for it. Hahn’s signs at the convention said \Jerry and Janice\ which forced Brown to restate he had not endorsed in the race, and also forced him to state that he had no prior knowledge of the signs. In additon, a letter from the Area 2 and 8 directors during the voting blasted Hahn for her signs. To further add fuel to the fire, at her booth, Hahn showed a looping video of Newsome running for Governor and her workers were openly hostile to Gavin’s well behaved positive staff members. I guess that’s the difference between positive San Francisco politics and dirty L.A/ politics.

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